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Re: Subsonic 6.0.beta1 released

Postby IwishIcanFLighT » Mon Feb 15, 2016 9:59 am

sindre_mehus wrote:
JMoreau wrote:Sindre, please bring back the left panel... at least as an option (on/ff).

No worries, I'm adding an option "Show index in left sidebar" to display the list or artists there for those who prefer that.


Thanks you very much Sindre!
Looking forward to try the next release :D

prutser wrote:Hi all, everything works as expected. Two things I'm missing:
1) ABC index on the left, but I read that it will be a user option in a menu - great!
2) Cover art using Google, it looks now that it's "" only. Lots of local bands are not known there ... (Google shutted off their API???)

Thanks for keeping Subsonic up to date Sindre!

2) Yeah Google search image API is deprecated since May 26, 2011 (See
They suggest we use the Custom Search API ( that should work with images as well.

Maybe Sindre can tell us more about it :wink:
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Re: Subsonic 6.0.beta1 released

Postby skelleton » Mon Feb 15, 2016 3:57 pm

Please note that I use subsonic exclusively for Video Playback and as such I might not see any improvements for audio playback.

The first think I noticed was the new design and I don't like really like it when using the browser on my desktop
I liked the ability to select my tv shows or movies on the left.
But with a little time using it, I will probably get over it.
I also imagine the new design works better for mobile platforms.

When debugging why video did not work, I noticed that subsonic tried to query about every single one of my files.
I am not sure if the old versions did that, but I would like the ability to disable this behavior.

Now for the video: Essentially the changes make the new subsonic unusable for me.
- having to transcode the video before playback is not ideal (but not a deal breaker I understand why its done)
- It is not possible to select the location of the transcoding output.
- It is not possible to select the bitrate of the transcoding output
- The admin has to scan the entire library again before the transcoding out shows up.
This essentially means that none of my users can watch videos without waiting a day after starting the transcode.
- users who have the streaming right don't have the right to transcode videos

Possible solutions:
- Add the possibility for a transcode directory where all transcodes are saved physically.
The transcode should still be displayed in the same directory as the original.
- When a transcode finishes, it should be added to the library
- transcoding should offer at the very least a bitrate as an option.
I would even like the ability to still use custom transcoding strings or more advanced options on the transcode page.
- There should be an option to treat the transcodes like some kind of cache. One should be able to set a maximum size for the directory.
And the transcodes that have not been viewed in the longest time should be deleted automatically if the space is needed.
In my system videos can get replaced by better quality videos with the same name.
As such a transcode should be linked to the hash of a video rather than the name.
- there should be an option to give all existing users with the right to stream content the ability to transcode.

Feature request that came up due to the way video is transcoded:
- The possibility to watch certain folders for new content and any new files in there get automatically transcoded.
- The possibility to request the transcode of an entire season (possibly as low priority)+
- If transcoding works with a cache, allow for a subsonic server cluster where one server is the library backend
and the others just pull the cache and offer to start transcoding content on the backend.

I know that is a huge wish list, but that would turn the new way of handling videos into quite the improvement instead of rendering video playback unusable for me.

I am also aware that other may not have a problem to just change their video containers to mp4(with h264 and aac in it), but for me that is not an option.
The main reason I need live transcoding is not the format, but rather the bitrate.
My home connection has only 10Mbit upload and I have a few people from my family using the server.
If I had to keep the bitrate my connection would saturate too fast and some of those people also have a very limited download speed or data caps.
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Re: Subsonic 6.0.beta1 released

Postby trssho91 » Tue Feb 16, 2016 3:12 am

Good Evening!;
I am incredibly excited about the html5 player and flash being dropped, but i did notice one killer thing. I have several media libraries that are easy to work out of because of the dropdown box I have in 5.3 and earlier to chose which library. I don't see this in the 6.0 demo (i am afraid to upgrade my production system if this is missing). May I please request this be readded? Thank you very much! - trssho91
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Re: Subsonic 6.0.beta1 released

Postby GBSub » Tue Feb 16, 2016 3:48 am

Just to add another data point to the pile.

I'm on the fence for the new look. I like it overall but hugely miss the index in the left side bar.

I too had to revert to 5.3 due to the lack of video transcoding options. In my use case I need to throttle the bitrate to 700 - 1000 to maintain smooth playback. These controls obviously are not present in the beta (yet?)

I also have enough mkv format movies that forcing my users to wait while I transcode isn't worth it to me over just whitelisting flash for my server.
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Re: Subsonic 6.0.beta1 released

Postby rubbersoul » Tue Feb 16, 2016 4:18 pm

I tried out the Demo server and really love the new look and appreciate the HTML5 update, thanks!

I have one concern that I could not find where you can switch between folders. My library is very large, and I use several different folders as "filters" to allow me to look a subsets of my library at a time for a more customizable experience. Has this been removed in ver6? Is there any consideration to put that feature back in, or a workaround for those who use that feature?

Thanks for the update!
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Re: Subsonic 6.0.beta1 released

Postby acroyear » Tue Feb 16, 2016 4:43 pm

rubbersoul wrote:I tried out the Demo server and really love the new look and appreciate the HTML5 update, thanks!

I have one concern that I could not find where you can switch between folders. My library is very large, and I use several different folders as "filters" to allow me to look a subsets of my library at a time for a more customizable experience. Has this been removed in ver6? Is there any consideration to put that feature back in, or a workaround for those who use that feature?

Thanks for the update!

The folder structure is in "Indexes". The default folder can be chosen by a selector that I can see at the top of both Indexes and Home (the album grid).

It only shows up when you actually have multiple folders. The demo server puts all of its content in a single folder, "Music", so it doesn't render the drop-down. But it is definitely there for me on my own servers.
Joe Shelby
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Re: Subsonic 6.0.beta1 released

Postby FoxBJK » Tue Feb 16, 2016 9:46 pm

First, kudos on a job well done. The new UI looks fantastic!

I'm wondering if you have any plans to implement the "Bookmarks" feature that some of the apps are using. DSub and PolySonic (for example) can set and read bookmarks to pick up where the other left off. If the web UI could do this too it would make Podcast listening even better.

Thanks for all the great work!
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Re: Subsonic 6.0.beta1 released

Postby mgrant » Wed Feb 17, 2016 12:52 am

When switching folders nothing happens and I'm getting this error in my chrome dev-tools script console:

Uncaught TypeError: multiService.setSelectedMusicFolder is not a function

Here are the steps:

1. Login to subsonic
2. Click 'Index'
3. Select a folder from the folders drop-down list

Nothing happens. Checking the chrome developer console the following script error is logged.
Uncaught TypeError: multiService.setSelectedMusicFolder is not a function
changeMusicFolder @ artists.view:108
onchange @ artists.view:185

This problem was observed in Chrome Version 48.0.2564.109 m on Windows 10.
I was unable to duplicate the issue using Chrome 48.0.2564.103 on Linux.
The same steps work properly and without error in Firefox 43.0.4 and Internet Explorer 11.103.10586.0
In Microsoft Edge 25.10586.0.0 it doesn't error out but where the index items should be displayed it's just a large white area.


UPDATE: Mysteriously, I can no longer duplicate the problem at all. Sorry for the noise.
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Re: Subsonic 6.0.beta1 released

Postby mitrailer » Wed Feb 17, 2016 1:48 am

Hola a todos

A simple request. In the index view when applying the "filter search" are shown the "CAPITAL LETTERS" where no result is present, it would be better if the "CAPITAL LETTERS" disappear when the artist of the filter search does not match the artist contained in the "CAPITAL LETTERS"

Again, thx for the great update
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Re: Subsonic 6.0.beta1 released

Postby acroyear » Wed Feb 17, 2016 4:46 am

Hmm..."Recently Played Albums" has stopped updating for me. It is kinda fixed on what it was a couple of days ago but hasn't changed all day yesterday or today, regardless of if I'm my admin account at home, or my low-priv account out in the office or on my mobiles.
Joe Shelby
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Re: Subsonic 6.0.beta1 released

Postby HippopoKiboko » Wed Feb 17, 2016 8:11 am

I think it is not good idea to use the same folder for video conversation, for video conversation logs, and for original video.
My video collection is good ordered and I do not want to add garbage to it.
It should be separate folders in pre-configured in "settings" path.
For exanple /tmp/videotemp. With configurable automatic purge scheduler.

I have:
"An error occurred while converting video myvideo See log file /video/myvideo.convert.log"

My mount point /video is read-only NAS folder. In this case I can't convert video or see error log.
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Re: Subsonic 6.0.beta1 released

Postby mockingbrd » Wed Feb 17, 2016 1:26 pm

Just wanted to +1 the "Recently Played" feature not functioning properly. I just restarted and listened to a few tracks to test again. The tracks not showing in "recently played" or the log itself. Using Windows 10.

Thanks for the update and listening to our feedback. I love the library list in the side bar because, in terms of speed, there is never anything quicker than a simple "CTRL+F" to find a specific artist in a well-organized music library.
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Re: Subsonic 6.0.beta1 released

Postby ChuckTSI » Fri Feb 19, 2016 5:49 pm

This looks great. :) A few suggestions.


Remove ALL inline style and make classes and ids

Example: Original
Code: Select all
<div style="padding-top:1em; padding-bottom:2.5em">
    <a href="help.view" target="main"><img src="icons/default_light/subsonic_logo.png" title="About" alt=""></a>

Replace with:
Code: Select all
<div id="logo-container">
    <a href="help.view" target="main"><img id="logo" src="icons/default_light/subsonic_logo.png" title="About" alt=""></a>

Please Please Please... Allow MySQL as optional DB .



Quick Link: The cover art with album title,artist name and added date.. make artist name clickable. (Maybe make date clickable and results to all albums added on that date?)
Reduce Clutter: The left menu is pretty useless for 4 items. Maybe switch to a drop down style menu on top. (The idea of adding a full artist listing there like 5 series is bad for large collections).
Mobile: Responsive Design



Unexpected Result: When manually changing cover , why is it saved into the albums folder as cover.png instead of thumb folder with all others?
Unexpected Result: Clicking on a Track's Play icon, adds all the songs in the list to the queue not just the one song.

A side note, I haven't investigated this further but... in the 5 series release, I added my path:
/mnt/music which has folder structure :: ARTIST_FIRST_LETTER > ARTIST > ARTIST - ALBUM > ARTIST - SONG scans quickly and begins adding items to recently added immediately.

In the 6 release (same folder) ... scanning is VERY slow and items do not appear anywhere .
The log shows items being added into DB, but nothing appears. genres seem to update

I added this path instead: /mnt/music/A and items were added quickly!
So I added 26 paths to make it work.

Thanks for reading!
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Re: Subsonic 6.0.beta1 released

Postby tappelo » Fri Feb 19, 2016 10:42 pm


compliments on the new version. very good flash is out and html5 is in. interface looks slick and is very fast browsing large dirs.
yes, i agree to the other users to have the navigation for folders back on the left side.
One particular thing i like the artist page and the "top songs" play feature. as far as i could see this feature only works in case there are no files in a particular folder, but only subdirs (that contain albums). and it looks like the directory name needs to match the artist name in order to get it to work.
I think everybodies dir strucure is a bit different and also each app has their own recommendation how to setup the structure. (i use other music apps besides subsonic: sorry!)
my dir structure is:
genre->files or artists dirs->files or album dirs->files
reason: some apps work better dir based, some not and i do not have full albums from all artists (i simply do not want them).
featurerequest / catchall method suggestion: allow artist page to be displayed if the dir (and subdirs) contains files that belong to the same artist or better: allow an artist.nfo to be read that contains an URL to the correct artist id on musicbrainz to allow the artist page to load whenever that is there in a directory ?

Best regards,

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Re: Subsonic 6.0.beta1 released

Postby dewd » Sat Feb 20, 2016 11:48 pm

I finally got a chance to try the new beta and I have say Great Job! I really like the new interface. Now granted I am not a heavy user of the web interface (mostly listen on my phone) but the old GUI was getting tired. It was time for a refresh.

The one thing I would love to have is an easier way to add a song to a playlist. I am constantly creating playlists to sync with my phone and it would be great to have an "Add to Playlist" option next to the Favorite, Play, Play Next, and Play Last buttons. As it is now I have to select the song and click on a drop down. Extra steps and takes the 'flow' out of choosing songs.
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