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Subsonic 2.7.beta1 released

Postby sindre_mehus » Tue May 30, 2006 8:41 pm


Would you like to help the Subsonic project and become a beta user? If so, please download and install Subsonic 2.7.beta1 from this link.

Please post your feedback to the forum. I would also appreciate it if you post a message, or drop me an email, when you install the beta version, so that I know roughly how many are testing it.

Here's the list of new features and bugfixes:

Tech. Subsonic was completely rewritten to use the Spring MVC framework.

New. Theme support. Now ships with two themes, "Subsonic Default" and "2 minutes to midnight". Theme authors are encouraged to contribute.

New. Ajax-based ID3 tag editor.

New. Cover art 3D effect and popup. (3D effect not available in Internet Explorer).

New. Added options to limit bandwidth for downloads and uploads.

New. Added progress bar to upload page.

New. Show upload (as well as download and streaming) charts in status page.

New. Added option to configure shortcuts to certain folders.

New. Rating where you can see how much each user has uploaded/downloaded/streamed.

New. Nicer layout and graphics.

New. Added option to download playlists, both current and previously saved ones.

New. Now logs to c:/subsonic/subsonic.log (Windows) or /var/subsonic/subsonic.log (other platforms).

New. Support symbolic links on Unix.

New. Create backup of old image file when changing cover art.

Bugfix. Avoid wrapped lines if browser window is small.

Bugfix. Use proper Y-range in bandwidth charts.

Bugfix. Integer overflow in search index creation interval.

Bugfix. Some Amazon search didn't show any results.

Bugfix. Now possible to change cover art even if original file is write protected (Windows only).

Thanks a lot :)
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