explanation of the transcoding settings?

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explanation of the transcoding settings?

Postby jjbrash2012 » Tue Sep 22, 2015 3:35 pm

Hi all,

I've been using Subsonic for quite a while now but I've not really experimented much with the transcoding settings. I was wondering if some of you could explain a couple of things for me:

1. I see that there is a "mp3 audio" transcoding command to convert various audio formats into mp3, and there is one "flv/h264 video" which converts various video formats into flv. I assume the flv transcoding is used for playback in the jwplayer in the web interface? What is the "mkv video" transcoding used for?

2. What is Downsampling command, and HTTP live streaming command used for? the Downsampling command is identical to the mp3 audio command.

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