Folder and sub folder parsing? (for Sonos indexing)

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Folder and sub folder parsing? (for Sonos indexing)

Postby unclebobuk » Fri Jun 17, 2016 11:55 am

I'm trying out subsonic as a method to index my large collection of music which SONOS can't deal with. All I wanted was a tool which could index and present my folders in a sonos friendly way. I have various folder structures. Some are indvidual lps' others are discography folders, others are collections. All I really want it to do is present the folders as they are on my share. Sadly it doesnt seem to do this. I am not really of a mind to completely re layout everything on my share to make it work so if anyone knows of a way to just make it present the folder structure as is please let me know. Currently it only seems to be indexing a percentage of my folders as a result.

any advice welcome.
(I did try another alternative MadSonic which looks the same and the indexing worked great but the Sonos support didnt!)... sigh...

thanks for any feedback.

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