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Postby klingenstein » Sun Dec 10, 2017 1:12 pm

hi to all!
I am visiting this forum since early 2016. Real [url]big[/url] trouble I didn't have with my installation. But some minors unfortunately happen really often.
First however please excuse my bad english, i am indigen German!!!!!
Subsonic here is installed on DS415+ and is running smoothly with SONOS since the start in 2016.
My complete media-folders are installed on the DS and they are not small. Creating the DB, it counts up to 170 000 and shows in \.DB 262 144kb and the log-file is 153kb. The [url]audio[/url]-media on the DS are 1.2tb in 18 759 folders and 151 804 data-sheets (all .mp3)
Now i am adding, lets say 3 new CD's to subsonic. After scanning, has increased to 344 xxx kb. The next 2 or 3 CD's are going to 484 239 kb and subsonic.log marches to 202 560 kb. Further I add another CD. That's it. The DB crashes because system partition is full.
I have (? - I do so) to delete the whole contense of .db and rebuild from new. And here I go: it shows again with all additions included just 26x xxx kb :roll: :?:
OK, cancer is definitely really more evil. For rebuilding will take only about 3 hours and I have to newly install the locations of the media.
[url]BUT[/url]: all my SONOS playlist lost their links. And these to install again, will take my total self-control, for it's at minimum of 3 days. And I am sure that I didn't get all.

Let's cut it short: how can I stop this completely inexplicable and intolerable increase of .data and .log? Please notice "clean-up database" results in the increase of another 3 000 kb.

You realize,it's not the first time that it's my problem. And I get infuriated about.

Sorry, I didn't find this topic in the forum, perhaps because of my evil english.

I would be so glad, if anyone could help here!!!!

Thank you all + greetings from the south of Germany - actually [url]winterwonderland[/url]

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Postby toolman » Sun Dec 10, 2017 7:00 pm

Sadly the database (Subsonic data) will always be 262.144 KB. Nothing you can change there.
My server has: 6.904 artists, 18.766 albums, 181.748 songs which is nearly 1.3 TB.
The logfiles on my server in .\db are also 149.166KB. But I delete them on a daily basis, yet they still grow each day to circa 149.166 KB.
So perhaps you could set up a daily job to delete the ever growing log files. It doesn't matter to subsonic, since they will be recreated again.
There's no way to set Subsonic NOT to create these files, or to create them on another partition unless you are going to rewrite some code.
You could also backup and delete the contents of the .\db.backup folder, .\log folder and subsonic.log on a daily basis.
Just remember to stop the subsonic service first and start it again after all the deleting.
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Postby klingenstein » Mon Dec 11, 2017 10:57 am

Hello toolman,
thank you for taking care.
My problem is not the .log file, but!
After my subsonic installation crashed on 08.12. (not the first time!) at reaching 69x xxx kb of the .\db\ I deleted the content of the whole folder and rebuilt ("scan the media-files") I got the new size: 262 144 kb.
09.12. after implemeting 2 new CDs and the re-scan, it reached 344 353 kb, on sunday 10.12. another 2 new CDs and re-scan 484 239 kb, today 11.12. with 1 CD added I arrive at the size of 561 456 kb.
If I continue this process with the huuuuge amout of another 2 new CD's I again will reach the limit of my system-partition at the DS. No further increasing of will be possible and subsonic will crash.
And the DS can no more install any applications or updates, for there is no space left.
As I wrote: that is not a problem. Deleting and rebuilding the files will solve it.
But why do I pay a premium-license? It is for the ability of subsonic to interact with SONOS!
And when my links from to SONOS are permanently destroyed and I have to rearrange these from the start (above I wrote about the efforts), I doubt the sense of it.
The volume of my synology system-partition is sufficient big for all needs. And its size is not automatically expanding. Thats not to discuss. I don't know an OS wich is able to do.
To discuss is: why does "" work as a yeast dough gotten crazy and how can I stop this increase, an increase without reasonable sense for me?
To stop adding new items and to stop re-scanning the media folders when the DS limit is reached, can not be a serious advice.

If I am the only user with that problem, there is a big fault at my side. Then please tell me!!!

Greetings + thanks for helping

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Postby toolman » Mon Dec 11, 2017 1:06 pm

I'm using the default HSQL database. As you're complaing about the huge increase of the file when you add some albums I took a test.
When I started the test my file was 262.144 kB (256 MB) containing:
6.904 artists
18.766 albums
181.748 songs
1394,83 GB
I added some folders containing about 125GB of music files. (MP3 and FLAC)
And now my file is 272.894 kB (266,5 MB) containing:
9.813 artists
28.078 albums
211.091 songs
1520,84 GB
So adding some 30.000 tracks increased my database with around 10MB, which is peanuts in comparison with the increase on your data file when you add considerably less tracks.
I'm running Subsonic version 6.1.3 (build e408c9) which is the latest. I don't know which version you are running but if it's not the latest version I'd strongly advice you to upgrade.
Just remembered. Worst case scenario you can always look for another database like mentioned in
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