Hate to leave but....

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Hate to leave but....

Postby jrubenol » Wed Sep 05, 2018 4:24 pm

This thread is more just me venting/moping - not really requesting anyone to say anything but if others have felt similarly, feel free to add :(

This morning I woke up and had another series of issues with subSonic which has forced me to concede that it's time to move towards another application, likely a server not controlled and operated by me which makes me sad.

Video: I posted months ago about my inability to get decent streams of video library at home, no response, no solution, no videos offsite;

Apps: All are lackluster in various ways, I'm sure they work for 90% of what people do but, for example, when it comes to podcast libraries, the paid app doesn't even get remotely close to an app like podcast addict (even the free version). Both in terms of features and in terms of bugs, there just isn't a comparison. I was hoping that a paid ongoing subscription would mean really good apps and that's just not the case. I have a mounted old iPhone in my shower and I'm shocked at how bad every one of the apps are for subsonic on it. They are buggy with bookmarks, they are buggy with playback, they are really bad if you want resume functionality (again, lengthy podcasts or audio books that you consume over days instead of in one sitting);

In many ways subsonic is fantastic, it runs on my RPi home setup incredibly well for the basics (listening to songs in one sitting) but beyond that, it's just hard to justify an ongoing subscription.

Maybe one day I'll return and check things out, I love contributing to these kinds of communities (financially as I'm not a programmer by trade) but, today, I'm listening to my podcasts on Podcast Addict in a nice looking app with lots of cool features without bugs or issues as I pause, play, skip, bookmark, toggle "listened to" status.

Sorry for the vent. I'm still a fan and hope that the community continues to improve SubSonic.
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