Possible to implement DNS redirection when server is down?

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Possible to implement DNS redirection when server is down?

Postby asimpleplant » Tue Mar 26, 2019 6:40 am

Hi folks.

As the title states, I'm curious as to whether DNS redirection can be implemented for my server when it is down...I have a few dozen friends and relatives who listen to music on my server regularly, and in instances when I have taken the server down in the past (when I was moving a few months ago, for example, and the server was down for a week or so) I get berated with texts and emails and phone calls from the aforementioned friends and relatives.

So, to make it easier on myself and those who use my server, is it possible for me to implement DNS redirection so that in instances where my server is down, the person who attempts to navigate to it is redirected to a page that states why it is down (maintenance, real world complications, etc., etc.)?

I use a xxxxx.subsonic.org URL, if that makes any difference in the matter. If DNS redirection is more viable with my own personal URL, i'm happy to set one up.

Thanks in advance for your time and wisdom!
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