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Re: It's Dead, Jim?

Postby NIHATISA » Tue Feb 11, 2020 11:53 pm

TNRocker wrote:I have been using the Music Cabinet fork since 2013. I switched to Music Cabinet because it had the Last FM APIs integrated years before Subsonic. Music Cabinet also has a much better DB, uses metatags for browsing by genre and so on. The developer hasn't touched the fork since 2013 and it still works better than Subsonic for my needs. Dsub and Isub both work great. I am not recommending you switch as usa today protonmail it is unsupported. It is built on the open source code (pre 5.0 I think)

Recently the photo link to Last FM stopped working so I was checking the forums to see it this was still supported in Subsonic. Interesting to see the artist photo links are not working. I guess I will stay with the Music Cabinet fork. I also use Plex for video but prefer Music Cabinet for Music.

I wish I knew what changed in the API and how to fix...........

Edit - I did some digging and there isn't a fix available for broken link to LastFM Artist photos. LastFM pulled access to the photos due to possible copyright violations. :cry:

I guess this has no priority to fix it (if it's even fixable). What you guys are doing? I love subsonic for it's sole purpose (i run plex for video and don't like their musicplayer plus several other things).
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Re: It's Dead, Jim?

Postby 3Dscrewer » Tue Mar 10, 2020 9:20 am

I have subsonic @W10P running, with a 9TB Database, so far without problems. I have Airsonic also in an Ubuntu 18.04 LTS VM running. It is much slower scanning 260.000 Titles, there are a lots bugs, most annoying, it can't play ALAC and FLAC. It cant stream a lots of Radio I have integrated in Subsonic and a couple of more. The GUI is for me with huge database not nice, but they are working at a new one. Using play:sub and avsub, Airsonic seems to react a little bit faster and is running without probs, thats my main function (also in subsonic) I'm using so it is fine.

I can't understand people complaining for the 1€ per month, in my opinion subsonic is more worth than this and Jim is not indebted to implement new gimmicks that only a hand full of people needs.
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