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Subsonic see only 1/3 of the media library

PostPosted: Mon Jul 22, 2019 11:41 am
by gogogo
Hello I run subsonic on a raspberry with the media folder in NFS from a nas.. it was working well for many month but now
I realized that don't show all the library.. when I perform a new scan .. the result is only 1/3 of the complete library.

The nfs permissions are correct, from the terminal the raspberry correctly show all the files that I don't see in subsonic.. also I have done on all the library a chomod -R 777 and also verified a user and group ownership with a big chown to be sure.

I see logs like this
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[7/21/19 10:39:13 PM UTC]   ERROR   RESTFilter   Failed to write error response.
[7/21/19 11:52:00 PM UTC]   WARN   RESTFilter   Error in REST API: /media/multimedia/o3765977.jpg (No such file or directory)
[7/22/19 2:13:51 AM UTC]   WARN   RESTFilter   Error in REST API: NullPointerException
[7/22/19 11:27:44 AM UTC]   ERROR   MediaScannerService   Failed to scan media library.
[7/22/19 11:27:45 AM UTC]   INFO   PlaylistService   Starting playlist import.
[7/22/19 11:27:45 AM UTC]   INFO   PlaylistService   Completed playlist import.


What I can do?

Thank you.