Java 11 support, if or when?

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Java 11 support, if or when?

Postby dutchcomputerkid » Mon Jul 22, 2019 9:19 pm

Hello there,

Ever since the new Debian 10 defaults to using Java 11 and not Java 8 Subsonic refuses to do anything after installation. ... 8-04-https
As this page for instance says and confirms, users are greeted with the infamous 503 error. Looking in the log files it has to do with the databases not working or something with the databases in general.

Subsonic is the main music library for most of the class at school and friends alike, so I had purchased a premium licence about 4 months ago. Ever since then the library has had many weeks of audio length streamed and everyone's loving it! Now with the music library growing beyond 500GB, I bought myself a new server only to discover that oh, it doesnt work.

Thus my question is, will Subsonic get an update to fix the compatibily with Java 11 or will I need to keep everything running on Debian 9? I'm seriously questioning the future of Subsonic as linux distro's will certainly follow Debian's choice of defaulting Java 11.
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