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Speed Optimizing Tips, Please

Postby mitchm11741 » Fri Nov 20, 2009 1:27 am

I have my subsonic server up and running today. I could use some tips to optimize performance. Figure I will have no more than 1-3 people banging on my server at any time. I have a high speed cable modem connection with boost (Cablevision). My server and NAS drive with library are hardwired on my ethernet setup.

1. Under users, I set the Users to a maximum bitrate of 128. Is this reasonable or do you think a higher bandrate would be acceptable? I assume I should not leave everyone at No Limit
2. I have the Subsonic Control Panel Memory Limit set at 512 MB. Frankly, I have no idea what this means. Can someone explain? Should I drop it back to 64?
3. The browser seems to get very sluggish at times going between the various menus (Home, Settings, Playing, Status, etc.).
4. At times, I have wanted to stop the server. Hitting the Stop button in the control panel seems to do nothing. Generally, I have had to go in and kill the process with the Task Manager.
5. What is happening when I save Settings? Very often, the system seems to take forever or hang when doing the save. Even when I make changes from the server itself, it can take minutes to complete the process of saving a simple change. At other times, the change happens quickly.

I apologize if these are really dumb questions. I really like the product and will do my share tonight vis-a-vis a donation.
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Comments et-al

Postby idris » Wed Mar 03, 2010 4:51 pm


Welcome to subsonic. I myself have been a relatively new convert to subsonic (having tried jinzora and ampache prior.) Some of your questions I can answer, and hopefully some of the other members can chime in as well.

bitrate - subsonic defaults to 128kb when it transcodes. (If your sources are not already mp3 and you have transcoding turned on for mp3->mp3.)

memory - this is the max amount of memory allocated to java and the java heap. (where the app actually runs under.) Depending on how large your library is if you do not allocate sufficient memory you will begin to see out-of-memory errors in your logs. Typically people start with the default 64Mb and allocate as their libraries increase in size. I have mine set to 768Mb but I also have a rather sizeable library (see my .sig below)

sluggishness - this is hard to pin down because multiple things could be happening. not sure of your system hw/sw setup, if you have transcoding turned on, etc. but first-time access to subsonic will need to download (and then be cached) your library listing. This is why your left-pane navigation takes a while to download on first access (or a full-refresh), and then it will be zippy. If navigation between menus seems sluggish perhaps your machine is being over-taxed with multiple requests or perhaps waiting for your NAS to send/receive against the multiple requestors. (Again all speculation since your setup wasn't specific.)

save-settings - I think the delay might be incorporated to the above on what is going on on your machine and/or your users. not sure but could be related. Not sure what you mean by save-settings, which pane are you specifically referring to?

One thing that I find helps my users is I have my search update to be indexed nightly. That seemed to help my users with their experience on the UI itself.

Again, these are just some of my personal experiences with subsonic. I am sure others here will chime in (if I'm wrong, or lucky enough to be right in what I'm explaining.)

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