Is there a way to run as a daemon on mac

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Is there a way to run as a daemon on mac

Postby cochranjd » Fri Dec 31, 2010 8:32 pm

I'm enjoying subsonic and the fact that I can now stream music to my iPhone from my iMac.

One quick question though - is there a way to set (or modify the Info.plist file) that will allow the service to run without a dock icon and without showing up in my alt+tab listing?

It is running in the background, which is all I am really needing it to do - and I have the tray icon to click if I need access to the web page and don't remember the address or something.

Just curious if anyone has done this with subsonic? I've read some general posts online about how to do this with apps in general but none have worked in my attempts.

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