Shameless Android app self-promotion: Text Actions

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Shameless Android app self-promotion: Text Actions

Postby gotosleep » Fri Feb 25, 2011 11:13 pm

Hello everyone,
I'm a longtime Subsonic fan. I've used it as my primary source for accessing my music ever since SimplifyMedia got bought up by Google. I promise this is the only time I'll bring it up, but I have an Android app that I think is a fairly good compliment to the Android Subsonic app, and it's free!

My app is called "Text Actions". You can see it in the Market here: ... extactions

It builds upon the same idea as Google's voice search, but uses text instead of speech. Amongst other things, it supports a "Listen to" command that I think works very well with Subsonic. You can type something like "l animal collective' and it'll give you the option to launch that search in Subsonic.

I'm the kind of person that prefers typing over speech recognition which is exactly why I made this app. I find it useful, hopefully someone else does too.
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