At what interval does subsonic check my public IP?

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At what interval does subsonic check my public IP?

Postby hifiguitarguy » Mon Feb 28, 2011 4:03 pm

I'm curious as to how often the server will check my public IP and POST the change to subsonic for my [name] redirection. Of course as ISPs switch our IP assignment this might change, but even more frequently my PC my drop in and out of VPN connection or I might manually decide to be connected or not. My VPN changes my public IP much more often. But today for instance, I found my employer had my arbitrary port choice blocked, so I switched my server over to 81. However attempting to load the login from [name] won't load as of yet. I can still go directly to the server from the actual IP with port 81 from my webserver.

So in using the Android app and streaming from a browser, I'm just wondering how fast the DNS redirection is updated if my public IP changes. Otherwise, is it only updated at service start or upon actual program launch? It's been a good hour now and it's still redirecting me to the old port. When my public IP changes I'll be long lost without remoting home and checking my public IP.
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