Server performance issue (SMB and local)

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Server performance issue (SMB and local)

Postby gelse » Wed Mar 30, 2011 7:18 am


First of all, i have to say that SubSonic seems to be exactly what i searched for.

Just - i got a little problem.

I set up a Server on my box @ home - Atom D525 with 2x 1,8GHz and 2 GB RAM - not very much, but it SHOULD be enough.
My goal is to stream music and audiobooks to my and my GF's Android phone.
Most of my content is on a NAS storage, attached wired by a 100mB connection - theoretically i think that's enough too.
So i set up the server according to several tips @ this forum and on other places on the net, mainly the thing with the service giving correct user-rights ad accessing the shares via UNC.

The problem is - as far as i can tell now, the Android client has huge problems when accessing directories with more than 5-6 mp3s. I keep getting "Network errors" - i think from some reason the server is just too slow, but i have no idea why.
Initially i thought it's because of the NAS, but when i copied the files to the local disk and added it to an own folder in SubSonic, the problem stood the same.

Also there is not much difference if i connect via browser - it does not time out like it does in Android, but it takes AGES to just add files to the playlist if there are more than a handful in one directory.
Strange thing is, if there is only 1 or 2 files in a directory, it works ok - not smooth, but well enough.

And the third thing which i just found out while i am writing these lines:
I had 4 samba folders with quite some content shared. Now i removed the folders (not only deactivated - that did not help, really delete) from the SubSonic config, and now the performance seems to be improved a LOT.

So my question is:
- any tips regarding performance?
- is my assumption correct that performance drops a LOT if you add SMB-shares, even if you dont access them?
- why is that so. means: why does SubSonic obviously access the SMB-Shares (or any other added file) if you access some completely different directory?
- which internal DB is used to store the shares, can it be replaced with my own DB (got a MySQL server running here anyway)
- can subsonic make a difference between files located local and files located somewhere over the net (f.e. "If they are not local, do only scan them once")

I think SubSonic is a great piece of work - and if those performance issues are solved, it could really hit the top.
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Postby vividboarder » Thu Mar 31, 2011 4:07 pm

What kind of NAS are you using? Can you run Subsonic directly from the NAS?
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Postby gelse » Sun Apr 03, 2011 1:49 pm

sadly no.

it's iomega Home Media Drive 1TB
and i dont want to hack it.

actually it DOES have a DLNA and iTunest server built in, but i dont think that does help a lot.
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Postby grant420 » Fri Apr 29, 2011 1:05 am

Get the music off of a NAS and on to a simple external drive. Schedule a backup job (xcopy, Windows Backup, third party tool) to make a copy of the music data to the NAS for safe keeping, but don't host the music from there - host from the cheap external hard drive. I was just reading that NAS (can be?) is on different platform than Windows NTFS so there are performance issues having data hosted on file system that is not equal to the file system where subsonic is being hosted.
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Postby GJ51 » Mon May 02, 2011 12:56 am

This thread may shed some light on the problem. ... light=raid
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