Transcoding not working with OSX

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Transcoding not working with OSX

Postby freq18hz » Wed Apr 20, 2011 4:27 pm


I can't seem to get transcoding working. I've got all transcode enable checkboxes checked. I've checked in Library/Application Support/Subsonic/

and lame and ffmpeg seem to be properly installed

LAME 32bits version 3.98.4 (

I am limiting download rate to 32kbps, limiting all users max bitrates to 32 kbps, and all players to 32kbps max.

Regardless of all of this, everything sounds full bandwidth, and every player reports playing 192kbps.

Most of the files are AAC, some are mpeg. The transcoding for both is enabled and is using the default parameters.

Anyone have idea why this isn't working?

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