What it your home hardware configuration

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What it your home hardware configuration

Postby echomaster » Tue Nov 19, 2013 4:20 am

How does one stream from the Subsonic server to the home stereo? Right now I use the Logitech hardware and Logitech Media Server s/w but that is no longer supported (aka end of life) so I am exploring options. The Logitech system of things has worked great and the bridge plugs into my home stereo amplifier via R and L channel out (also has a optical out). The bridge can be synchronized with the Logitech Internet Radio product too (which also connects to the Logitech Media Server). I use my Android smartphone app to control the server software. When I have dinner parties inside or out door BBQ's this all works great. What to others use to play their music collection through out their home?
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Re: What it your home hardware configuration

Postby bruhja » Wed Mar 05, 2014 3:50 am

Main setup PC hooked directly to 600w receiver via 6 channel analogue on an NEC projector

Second setup subsonic player installed on android dualcore TV stick streaming over WiFi to home theater reciever and 42" lcd

Simple dirty and works.
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Re: What it your home hardware configuration

Postby TNRocker » Wed Mar 05, 2014 4:53 pm

I have a mix of old school and new school. I have a 2010 Mac Mini Server running Mountain Lion Server. I am running the Music Cabinet mod. The Mini is in my living room serving as my main HTPC, Web Server, and Subsonic server. Audio out goes to a Music Streamer DAC, then into my Yamaha AV Receiver (840 Watts). Yamaha provides A channel music to my Great Room (7/1 surround) driving 30 year old JBL LX 55 3 way speakers, Orb Woofer and Orb surround speakers. B channel drives smaller 2 way JBLs on top of kitchen cabinets.

The Yamaha has output for 2 separate zones via low level output. One zone runs out to my Screened in porch connected to my 30 year old Kenwood receiver (100 watt per channel). A speakers ceiling mounted on screened in porch, B speakers under the eaves on my deck. I purchased some decent but cheap outdoor speakers, everything stays dry and stays connected year round. Turn the Kenwood to Aux and it plays house system. There is also a TV on screened in porch hooked up to the Kenwood receiver.

The second Yamaha Zone runs upstairs to my Master bedroom. I purchased a refurb Denon reciever ($135.00, 75 watt) and located it in my master bedroom. A speakers are 40 year old 2 way ARs in Master Bed Room and B speakers are 30 year old 3 way Kenwoods located in my office. I have in wall Niles controllers for volume control in bedroom and office. Select Aux and the Denon plays the House system. The Denon in bedroom is also connected to TV.

The Denon passes through to 2 zones while in stand by mode. One Zone runs goes to Sharp 15 watt integrated Amp (located next to the Denon) that I have had since the 70s. This Amp drive single stereo speakers in Master Bathroom and Guest Bathroom. They are in-ceiling mounted and both have in wall Niles volume controllers. Denon Zone 2 runs to my garage work shop. I have an old boom box with audio inputs in the garage driving cheap 2 way speakers ceiling mounted.

I installed most of this before Subsonic came on the scene. Back then there were no Blue Tooth or Wireless options. All told I have 19 speakers that can beat as one. Power up additional amps as needed, turn to Aux and my house rocks! :mrgreen:
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Re: What it your home hardware configuration

Postby DJ_Steve » Thu May 01, 2014 6:46 pm

very basic setup here but then i only found out abut subsonic about a month ago.

im running a reall rackmount server as my subsonic server, tyan transport gt20, athlon 64 x2 3500+ cpu 3gb ram and currently 4.5TB of hard drive space (3x 1tb sata + 1tb usb + 16gb ide and a 500gb sata for os
running ubuntu server of course,

mainly setup for streaming to pc and laptops and my car via my iphone and isub when out and about. can even stream movies if im on wifi elsewhere (152mb/12mb internet connection so not really breaking a sweat to stream)

nice and simple really
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