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Remote access

Postby Brandooooo » Thu May 23, 2013 6:26 pm

OK iv have browsed the boards and found nothing to help me grasp this. I have set up port forwarding in my router and even tried using automatically through subsonic. I have turned off the firewall and nothing seems to work. Any ideas?? Says "Status: is registered, but could not connect to it. (ConnectTimeoutException)"


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Re: Remote access

Postby gurutech » Thu May 23, 2013 7:13 pm

You are forwarding the same port to two different machines. Open a CMD prompt and type "ipconfig" on the machine running Subsonic (if virtual, do it from the VM, not from the "host" PC), then uncheck the port forward for the "other" IP address and save settings.
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Re: Remote access

Postby mrdrew » Mon Sep 07, 2015 4:55 pm

Start trouble shooting this to see if you can access your server from your home LAN. If you can, you know it's a router issue.

The default port for subsonic is 4040. On your router you should do a couple things.

1. make sure your computer running the subsonic server ALWAYS gets the same IP. There are a few ways of doing this, like specifying the MAC address always gets the same IP. Or setting up a static IP for that computer.

2. forward that PORT in and out of your LAN. Check your router brand and model through They have excellent instructions for setting up a proper port forward.

While at home, you can put your port to check, 4040, into here, and it's a good way to see if your 4040 port is forwarded properly.
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