Help in VLC transcode string

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Help in VLC transcode string

Postby writetome » Sat May 11, 2013 7:57 am

someone can help me ?

In vlc 0.8.x I can read and edit the sout trascode string

Infact in the stream output interface panel You have:
Stream output MRL

Target: :sout=#trascode{vcodec= ......

I'd like to know how to setup (if possible ...) the VLC 2.x series interface to access ( read and edit)
the sout trancode string ( may be in the convert/save panel.)

By clicking the Edit button (represented by an icon of a screwdriver and wrench) to the right of the drop-down box
I can choice 'incapsulation, video codec, audio codec, subtitle' but I DONT HAVE and than I cannot read or edit the
sout - transcode string

Thanks in advance to all of You
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