iSub or ANY Subsonic app for iOS 4.2.1

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iSub or ANY Subsonic app for iOS 4.2.1

Postby piaamp » Sun Apr 13, 2014 9:39 pm

My daughter received an iPod Touch 2nd Generation as a gift, and it only runs iOS 4.2.1. I was able to successfully jailbreak it with Greenpoison. Unfortunately, none of the apps downloadable via the official iTunes app store are compatible with iOS 4.2.1...and I don't see anything Subsonic-related in Cydia.

Is there any place I could download an earlier version of iSub (or any other Subsonic app) that's compatible with iOS 4.2.1? I'd gladly donate to your project for going through the trouble of providing it.

It seems like I'm looking for an .ipa file to install. Sorry, but I'm not too familiar with Apple stuff.
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