Javascript wrappers for Subsonic API

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Javascript wrappers for Subsonic API

Postby acroyear » Sat Jan 30, 2016 9:00 pm

Thinking of developing an HTML5 (audio tag or audio api) client or node.js service?

I've released 2 convenience libraries for accessing Subsonic from Javascript. The first is JQSubSonic, which is JQuery and callbacks based, and is used in SubFire (a JQueryMobile based client). The second is subsonic-fetch, which uses the new standard fetch API, with promises. It is being developed for a new node service I'm providing as an add-on, and hasn't been thoroughly tested but seems to work for most of the basic queries.

JQSubSonic is compatible back to 4.8 servers (though CORS is broken on 5.0, but fixed again in 5.1), and is able to fall back on hex-encoding the password for pre 5.3 servers.

subsonic-fetch requires 5.3 and only uses the md5 seed+token based access.

They don't do a lot - primarily a wrapper around each API view, converting method parameters into the URI query parameters, and caching the login and version info so they don't need to be included in every call.

You can find the files for both at .
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