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MOD on artistMain.jsp

PostPosted: Thu Dec 28, 2017 12:28 pm
by d0tm4tr1x
First post, first Mod.
I'm using Subsonic 6.0 (build a7857c) on CentOS7

I've added a media folder for movies which points to a folder structure based on year.
It annoyed me, every time I clicked a year (e.g. 2016) I get artist info about 2016.
For Music quite useful, but this, totally useless.

I figured out artistMain.jsp has the code and value="${model.musicFolder}" is interesting.
For the MusicFolderID I put
<c:out value="${model.musicFolder}" />
just above <table id="artistInfoTable" style="padding:2em;clear:both;display:none" class="bgcolor2 dropshadow">
On my system, for music, the result is "net.sourceforge.subsonic.domain.MusicFolder@1f"
You now can remove <c:out value="${model.musicFolder}" />

All I have to do is just test if I'm in the Music media folder.

So, again, just above <table id="artistInfoTable" ...
<c:set var="tst" value="${model.musicFolder}" />
<c:set var="music" value="net.sourceforge.subsonic.domain.MusicFolder@1f" />
<c:if test="${tst == music}">

and just below </table>