My Top 5 Feature Requests - Add Yours

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My Top 5 Feature Requests - Add Yours

Postby jonathanroz » Sat Apr 25, 2009 5:05 pm

I see lots of feature requests out here so I figured it would be nice for people to list their top 5 "nice to haves".

Maybe that will help Sindre get an idea of which ones are a priority for the most users.

Here are mine in order:
1) Fix cookie issue mentioned here: I believe this is already scheduled for release 3.7
2) Jukebox functionality - Also scheduled for 3.7
3) User Registration form (I think this would go nicely with Anonymous user access that is scheduled for 3.7) - Not currently scheduled
4) Limit access to users by folder - Not currently scheduled
5) Add chatbox/shoutbox - Scheduled for 3.7

I am basing my "scheduled" on what is in Sindre's todo list here ... n/TODO.TXT

Feel free to add you own.
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Postby eli2k » Mon Apr 27, 2009 1:01 am

Just loaded Subsonic - the best working streaming server so far (beats Orb, Sockso). :)

Here's my list of things I would enjoy seeing:

- rating by track (and not just by albums), so we can display highest rating tracks, also (I guess you would also keep track of number of plays by song instead of by album, too)
- integrate Revolt visualizer as optional display (from JW player website)
- add headings to the columns in playlist (then you can sort the songs without having to use the drop-down menu)
- add numberings to the list of songs in playlist (right now they show up in the main album display *only* if track numbers are included)
- allow the player window to pop out of the browser
- drag/drop to reorder songs (then you can get rid of the up/down arrows; kind of like how you can drag to reorder things on iphone apps)
- playlist rewrite (make it like gmail chat, where the player window and playlist can sit in its little window in the corner, and if the user chooses to minimize the player, it just shows the 'player' itself, with seek bar and next/prev/stop/play/pause buttons)
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