Upload Speeds Not Fast Enough for Videos/No Video Cache

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Upload Speeds Not Fast Enough for Videos/No Video Cache

Postby jrubenol » Sat Jun 02, 2018 7:49 pm

Hi All,

I have subsonic pro version (paid version). I love it for my music and podcasts - absolutely no issues. When it comes to my videos though my upload speeds just aren't fast enough (I'm seeing <200 kb/s when my network can handle 1.5-2.0 megs per second) and there doesn't appear to be a video cache like there is with audio cache (for audio it seems like my phone pulls 3 songs at a time and is always ahead). I'll pause a video for 2-5 minutes to see if it'll build up a cache and it doesn't, video plays for about 30-40 seconds at which point playback is caught up with the very small cache and then it staggers through.

So two part question I suppose:
(1) Any clues why my upload speeds are so terrible? I can speedtest my network and easily and consistently hit 1.2-1.5, sometimes hitting 2.0 megs a second);
(2) Any way to increase the cache?

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