Ignoring file name case (and album art question)

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Ignoring file name case (and album art question)

Postby nny » Thu Nov 08, 2018 6:51 pm

Hello! New to subsonic and love it so far. I'm having an issue though in regards to file name case. Basically, is there a way to ignore case?

E.G. There is a band named toe that stylizes it lower case, but on Last FM it's upper case. The ones that are upper case show up for Top Songs and such, but not the lower case.

Is there a way that it'll treat both "Toe" and "toe" the same?

Another example would be an album "What It Is to Burn" - tagged as "What It Is To Burn" on my computer and didn't show up until I lower cased the t in to.

Lastly, some album art is up and some is not. Is there something specific that might be causing album art to not automatically be grabbed? If I edit it, it shows me a bunch of pictures from Last FM but I don't want to go through each one and pick a cover. I'm kind of assuming it's a case related thing again, hence it being an add on to this question.

Thanks for any help :)
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