Introduction to MusicCabinet

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Introduction to MusicCabinet

Postby hakko » Thu Oct 25, 2012 12:45 pm

MusicCabinet is a replacement for your current Subsonic server.

MusicCabinet is designed for people with large music libraries. By integrating knowledge from, it adds the following features to your Subsonic server:

Automatic playlists.
  • pick an artist, and get a playlist of popular songs by related artists.
  • pick one or more genres (pop, 90s, piano...), and get a playlist of matching songs.
Browse by theme.
  • pick an artist, and display your other artists that are most closely related.
  • pick a genre, and browse through your matching artists.
Find new music.
  • pick an artist, and get recommendations of closely related artists that are missing in your library.
  • pick a genre, and get recommendations of popular, matching artists that are missing in your library.
  • integrated, personal artist recommendations from
Enhance your experience.
  • add artist images, biographies, and genre descriptions.
  • completely tag-based browsing, with file-based fallback alternative.
  • smarter search function.
  • faster library scanner.
  • upgraded security with safer password exchange and storage.
  • no ads, no limitations. this is free software.

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More detailed information and installation packages are found here:

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