Bad server and other issues

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Bad server and other issues

Postby Enki » Sun Dec 16, 2012 10:53 pm

First, congratulation for you work, MiniSub's interface seems great (much better than the default one!) and allowing playing music through HTML5 opens Subsonic to much more devices.

Sadly there are few problems that makes it very difficult to use (actually the first one)

I tested it with version 2.3.6 and Subsonic API 1.8.0

1. Bad server
When I put MiniSub in another folder than the /webapp of Subsonic there is no way to connect, I always get the "Bad server" error.
However putting it inside this folder is not a viable solution as you have to log twice (to Subsonic and then to MiniSub) and you are loosing your Subsonic session very quickly.

2. Not working on iPad
Minisub works but it cannot play music, getting message: "The operation could not be completed". One of the main features - portability - is lost here.

3. Some suggestions
- You should better explain what is MiniSub. "HTML5 player" is not enough, I was not sure if it was an addon for Subsonic or a standalone client player to put on any server I want.
- I have read somewhere on the Web that MiniSub is provided inside Subsonic. Ok it was, but I have seen it only during installation of my own download. Afterwards I found there is a link inside Subsonic, but it is way too hard to discover.
- The configuration page of MiniSub has its buttons on "Save" and "Reset" on the top, which makes them hard to find. Also the "F5" refresh could maybe be replaced by a JS button.

1. Ok it seems that sessions are not always lost but there is still this double login.
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