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DSub Releases: No Longer Updated

Postby daneren2005 » Sat Feb 23, 2013 6:33 pm

Edit: I am no longer updating this thread. Check https://github.com/daneren2005/Subsonic/releases for releases

DSub 5.0
Moderate Material rewrite
Updated icon (thanks William Kray!)
Long select to multiselect songs/albums
Colored status bar
Swiped up playing bar
Swiped to remove from current playing list
Updated pull out Drawer
Toggle offline from Drawer
Select server from drawer
Playlists with album art
Separate sections for mine vs shared playlists
Updated search display
Better looking detail dialogs
Sleep time remaining
Option to keep 0, 1, 2, or 3 past songs in list
Updated notification on Lolipop
Performance enhancements
Removed support for Android 2.3

DSub 4.9.7
DSub 4.9.6

DSub 4.9.5: 3/25/15
Handoff: move to another DSub client and pickup where you left off (Subsonic 5.2+)
DLNA: gapless playback on supported renders
Option to warning on back press
Better handle dates for Subsonic 5.1+
Handle more ReplayGain tag formats
Minor bug fixes

DSub 4.9.4: 3/9/15
Cast proxy setting for fixing casting with self-signed certificates
View all albums in alphabetical order from Home tab
View all videos from Home tab
Artist Radio added for Madsonic users
Fix rotate not restoring list
Fix clicking on header text while image is loading
Fix double click on headset going to next song and pausing
Fix artist menus showing on root folder
Fix broken casting if user is "DSub"
Fix crashes when ImageView still references a recycled bitmap

DSub 4.9.3: 2/27/15
Browse starred by folder as well (Subsonic 5.2+)
Crash fixes

DSub 4.9.2: 2/20/15
Fix some more DLNA issues (still working on others)
Artist Radio (Subsonic 5.1+)
Checkbox to browse Recently Added, etc by folder (Subsonic 5.1+)
Ability to open straight to other tabs
Add play/shuffle to similar artists menu
Offline Podcasts: dont show duplicate folder
Fix crash with Madsonic servers
Fix widget not showing info when app is not running
Show folder as empty immediately after deleting last song in it

DSub 4.9.1: ?
Fix searching with spaces in it
Fix pressing play on widget before app starts not working
Fix issues with image cache

DSub 4.9: 1/27/15
Cast audio to DLNA (email me with issues)
Artist image + details header (Subsonic 5.1+)
Similar Artists option (Subsonic 5.1+)
View similar artists missing from your server (Subsonic 5.1+)
On starred list, load artist image (Subsonic 5.1+)
Podcasts: clicking on description wrapers around image
Hide folder selection if user only has one
Fix seeking after file finished downloading restarting the song
Fix sleep timer incrementing on it's own
Fix bookmarks not being auto deleted while casting
Fix clean cache not deleting artwork/avatars
Fix search with tag browsing on Ampache servers

DSub 4.8.6: 12/27/14
Join the Beta channel to try out DLNA casting!
Play/shuffle quick album lists such as Recently Added or Random
Change download status to a percentage
Improved unknown album art
Allow any size cache to be set
Improved search sort order
Fix settings coloring on older versions of Android
Fix sleep timer not remembering last value
Fix caching not working while casting

DSub 4.8.5: 11/26/14
Fix crash on GB
Fix some theme issues

DSub 4.8.4: 11/22/14
Partial Material Theme update
Make playing notification public for Lolipop
Fix Lolipop connectivity issues for some users
Various minor bug fixes

DSub 4.8.3: 11/14/14
Fix color on Lolipop lockscreen notification
Various bug fixes

DSub 4.8.2: 11/2/14
Improve automatic bookmark logic
Tasker: Toggle online/offline
Tasker: Set start/end year + genre for shuffle
Remove files no longer on server
Calculate bitrate instead of relying on tags
Work around for issue of EQ sometimes not starting
Fix issues with offline playlists
Fix all servers sharing a recently added count
Fix star options not showing up when using Show Album
Fix for partial images being saved

DSub 4.8.1: 10/12/14
Delete songs removed from server
Fix crash on GB devices

DSub 4.8: 10/8/14
ReplayGain: read tags to normalize sound
ReplayGain: choose smart tag reading or specify track/album tags
Scrobbling: implemented according to Last.FM standard
Scrobbling: scrobble if more then 4 minutes or 50% in
Scrobbling: do not scrobble if less then 30 seconds
Madsonic: view artists Top Tracks from Last.FM (Madsonic 5.1+)
Settings: changed a few to be seek bars
Tasker: fix issue with not always starting
Artist View: add Cache/Permanent Cache/Delete Cache to menu as options
SSID Settings: added copy current button
Conditionally remove Cache/Delete Cache from context menus
Added transition animation
Fix crash on GB devices when casting
Fix widget showing blank on restart
Fix Show all media button showing a blank screen

DSub 4.7.8: 9/17/14
Rating: show rating directly on album
Albums: rate/star from album's screen
Limit misc artwork from growing above 100 MB
Fix cover art bug with latest Subsonic Beta
Fix Set Rating from now playing screen
Fix offline starring of albums with tag browsing
Fix current position on Nexus 5 going above duration
Windows Server: SNI support
Minor memory optimizations
Misc bug fixes

DSub 4.7.7: 9/8/14
Add Set Rating to Now Playing's songs menu
Fix "overwrite existing playlist" not showing
Fix duplicate songs display status in Now Playing

DSub 4.7.6: 9/5/14
Ratings: set album/song ratings
Ratings: quick thumbs up/down from now playing screen
Ratings: automatically ignore 1-starred songs
Add To Playlist: show when song already in
Recently Added: show count from Home
Bookmarks: auto bookmark tagged Audio Books
Bookmarks: show indicator in listing/now playing screen
Video: Download using hls transcode settings
Sync: Disable per server
Global Shuffle: optimize for large list preferences
Global Shuffle: don't add duplicates
Offline Shuffle: improve randomness
Move EQ to options menu
Fix issue with empty folder
Fix various cache coherency issues
Old Servers: fix broken scrobbling
Fix cache location reseting

DSub 4.7.5: 8/24/14
Bookmarks: Resume from albums/playlists
Bookmarks: Auto bookmark long songs/podcasts
Bookmarks: Auto delete after played
Bookmarks Tab: Show artist/album
Bookmarks: Delete from album/playlist
Stars: Update without refresh

DSub 4.7.4: 8/8/14
Tasker Plugin: Start + optional start Shuffle Mode
Madsonic 5.1+: Add Rescan Server option to Home tab
Sort quick search results by closeness to query (instead of Artists -> Albums -> Songs
Clicking on Sync notifications goes to corresponding tab
Fix no podcasts showing up if one of them is the error state
Fix starring some albums when browsing by tags
A few crash fixes

DSub 4.7.3: 7/18/14
Require password for entering admin tab for security
Improvements to sync notifications
Fix crash on sharing
Misc bug fixes

DSub 4.7.2: 7/15/14
Android Wear notification support
Selected drawer tab is now bold
Scroll to song when clicked in search results
Custom sort is now a toggle between sorting by year and alphabetical
For persistent notification, use standard notification layout + x in corner
Don't display type information for each song
Properly save songs for use with external players
Return fast scrolling hack for devices still on Android 4.4.2
Various bug fixes and enhancements

DSub 4.7.1: 6/25/14
Only show podcast, share, and jukebox options when user has server permissions
Remove playlist options from public, non-owned lists (throws error anyways)
Add avatars to chat tab
Better refresh status
Better downloading notification
Use system volume menu for Jukebox/casting
Fix infinite errors when selecting bad server
Fix context menu errors on old small album art view
Fix issue with background downloads stalling
Fix missing options on star list
New language: French (thanks Cotib)

DSub 4.7: 6/16/14
Admin tab
Create/delete users, change others passwords/emails/permissions if admin
Change own password either way
FAQ dialog
Click on Podcast Channel description to expand it
Add Podcast Episode description to Details dialog
Keep notification open when receiving a call
Fix for delay between headset disconnect and pause
Fix background bluetooth disconnects causing playback to stop
Fix app trying to upsample songs in mp3 -> mp3 transcode
Fix for DSub preempting bluetooth events

DSub 4.6.5: 6/1/14
Fix issue with some folders not being browseable
Fix deleting offline sync info not deleting stars
Bug fixes

DSub 4.6.4: 5/21/14
Add option to remove already played songs from queue
Add total song count to About dialog
For songs with identical titles, treat filename as title
Fix Most Recent sync not working with Tag Browsing checked
Fix hide from other apps not hiding all music
Fix Nexus 4 layout issue

DSub 4.6.3: 5/7/14
Fix infinite scroll with small album art
Fix pressing play from artist screen not playing all albums
Only hide artist if the artist is the same for all the albums
Several random crash fixes

DSub 4.6.2: 5/5/14
Fix DSub not being recognized as a Bluetooth Media Player
Fix a couple of crashes

DSub 4.6.1: 5/3/14
Fix crash on ICS and below
Fix crash on browsing root folder

DSub 4.6: 5/2/14
Large album art view (optional)
Pull to refresh
Control remote playing (Jukebox/Chromecast) volume from outside app (JB+)
Rate limiting for background sync while phone is in use
Fix issue with playlist sync not picking up changes
Fix DSub preempting all bluetooth events
Fix case of drag/dropping where next song isn't updated correctly
Fix cache location not being correct on devices with empty SD card slot

DSub 4.5.8: 4/16/14
Downloads list now in own sub tab - only visible when something is downloading
Remember folder selection when switching between servers
Option to have play now play everything after it like the Subsonic Web GUI does (disabled by default)
Add app override to use English instead of incomplete translation
Fix several issues with Chromecast using https servers
Improve translations
Decrease apk size
Remove Froyo support
Random bug fixes

DSub 4.5.7: 4/1/14
Add X to notification when casting for quick disconnect
Chromecast obeys repeat preferences
Shuffle by album by default (shuffle on now playing screen if you want by song)
Don't show Chromecast as option if Play Services isn't installed
Improve the handling of cover art for multi-disc albums
Pause for calls when using DSub as remote
German translation (thanks thknepper)
Several minor bug fixes

DSub 4.5.6: 3/22/14
Fix issues with Chromecast reconnecting
Work around for Samsung's bluetooth metadata for 4.3+ devices
Work around for Show Artist not working when playing from playlists
Fix a crash on Froyo devices
Fix for some songs showing as downloaded when the server only sent a 0 length file

DSub 4.5.5: 3/14/14
Now Playing screen improvements
Bass Booster/Voice Booster added in the EQ settings
Equalizer fixes and improvements
Added Show Artist to Now Playing screen
Screen On/Off changed to a checkbox
Click on album art opens list view
ChromeCast bug fixes
Fix genres not auto adding more if songs > 20 and albums = 0
Fix rotating screen after using Show Album
Improve memory usage

DSub 4.5.4: 3/3/14
Fix cache location reset for Samsung upgrades

DSub 4.5.3: 2/26/14
Fix for new write restriction on SD Cards for 4.4+
When your only playing one song, next/previous buttons skip within song (mostly useful for podcasts)
Added option to auto open to Library instead of the Home tab (under Settings -> Appearance)
Add more information to Send Log function for easier debugging
A few minor bug fixes

DSub 4.5.2: 2/23/14
Add support for casting in offline mode
Use internal IP for ChromeCast if using a http address
Fix loading getting stuck on 4.1 and below devices

DSub 4.5.1: 2/21/14
Fix crash on Android 2.2/2.3

DSub 4.5: 2/21/14
Add ChromeCast support for music only (Android 2.3+ only)
Video/Offline mode to follow
More detailed download notification (Android 4.2+)
Cancel button on download notification (Android 4.2+)
Update background threading architecture to be more efficient
Memory optimizations
Never sync the demo server
Clear album art cache on exit
Fix cache cleaner not using pinned music in space calculations
Don't scrobble podcasts
Fix offline scrobbling bug
Fix some offline caching issues when sync is on with multiple servers

DSub 4.4: 2/5/14
Browse by ID3 Tags instead of folder structure (off by default)
Probably a good idea to clear existing cache since there will be many songs that don't match up
Add unstar option to mass unstar songs in the Starred list
Convert the start timer to use a slider
Add years to albums display (requires Subsonic 4.9+)
Renamed all Delete's to Delete something to remove ambiguity
Fixed some places where rotating the screen caused a crash
Various minor bug fixes

DSub 4.3.7: 1/22/14
Add stats to genres for 4.9Beta3+ Servers
Fix stuck Last.FM notification if you use it to scrobble
Fix shuffle play issue
Fix pressing next from bluetooth controls not looping back to start with repeat set to all

DSub 4.3.6: 1/19/14
Added optional SSID to use for local network address (requires new permission: ACCESS_WIFI_STATE)
Fix not being able to clear local network address
Fix Galaxy S3 issues
Hide star button on now playing screen if hidden in settings
Fix podcasts not being clickable in offline mode
Bunch of minor improvements/bugfixes

DSub 4.3.5: 1/11/14
Fix downloads not limiting bitrate correctly

DSub 4.3.4: 1/9/14
New Share management tab (can disable in settings). Ability to share albums/songs
High quality album art cache (doesn't overwrite existing downloaded art)
Add ability to hide Play next/Play Last/Star/Share from menus
Add ability to define a separate IP used while browsing via WiFi
With unlimited bitrate, default to 320 kpbs if transcoding to mp3 (instead of server default of 128 kpbs)
Show artist as a option under album lists/search albums
GZip if tomcat/reverse proxy is set up to support it
Fix for using play next sometimes screwing up playback
Fix listened to podcasts not being deleted in certain circumstances

DSub 4.3.3: 12/25/13
Enable keep starred songs synced in settings
Enable sync newly added in settings
Sync notification when new stuff is downloaded (can be disabled)
Added albums by decade button to home screen on 4.9Beta3+
Browse genres by album (instead of by song) on 4.9Beta3+
Sort Podcasts by name
Sort albums by year on 4.9Beta3+
Fix clicking on notifications/widgets
Many sync fixes/improvements
Background optimizations to improve battery life
Fix genres not being sorted/weird characters in 4.9Beta3+
Fix crash turning screen back on in Android 4.3
Various minor improvements/bug fixes

DSub 4.3.2: 12/8/13
Click on album art to popup a larger version
Added Show all media button to replace albums with songs
Automatically delete podcasts that are > 95% listened to
Added Show Details button to albums (Year/Genre on Subsonic 4.9Beta3+)
Fix podcasts syncing trying to redownload ones you delete
Fix the context menus on the first pane on tablets not working
Bunch of random bug fixes and enhancements

DSub 4.3.1: 11/30/13
Fix search on MusicCabinet servers

DSub 4.3.0: 11/30/13
Manage new sync options in Settings -> Cache/Network
Mark playlists as Keep Synced to auto download whole playlist
Mark podcasts as Keep Synced to auto download new podcasts
New Search Provider that searches as you type (thanks Sindre)
When using "Listen To" search, autoplay artist or albums if they match the query
Full screen option in Settings. Immersive mode for Android 4.4+
Fix KitKat's lockscreen scrollbar for Android 4.4+
Fix crashes on KitKat
Added Play Next to artist/album context menus + song overflow menu
Hungarian translation (thanks Andrássy László)
Tons of bug fixes

DSub 4.2.2: 11/22/13
Added starring for artists for 4.9+ Servers
Add ability to place large widget on lockscreen for Android 4.2+
Option to use app's custom sorting (on by default)
Lots of tablet UI enhancements
Updated translations
Tons of bug fixes

DSub 4.2.1: 11/15/13
Fixed crash when going to download list with Screen On = true
Fixed crash when changing volume in RC mode

DSub 4.2.0: 11/14/13
Changed from tabs to Pull Out Drawer like newer Google docs specify
Major UI update with better scaling icons
Updated main app icon (thanks Ben Sumner)
Added tablet layout that better uses extra space
New Bookmarks tab
Persistent notification is like other music apps now (change in settings)
Ability to hide Podcasts/Bookmarks/Chat tabs
Pressing next with repeat all on loops back to beginning
Increase right padding so context buttons are easier to press

DSub 4.1.8: 10/26/13
Fix offline shuffle mode

DSub 4.1.7: 10/21/13
Settings screen now broken down by sections
Added option to choose whether or not to pause on headphone/bluetooth disconnect
Added confirm for clearing current queue
Added option to hide widget while nothing is playing
Fix not being able to change position in Jukebox mode
Fix position not being saved sometimes when pausing during a streamed song
Fix sometimes the letters not matching the position on the artist list
Various minor bug fixes

DSub 4.1.6: 10/3/13
Fix recent update sometimes messing up downloaded song
Fix changing position while streaming a song

DSub 4.1.5: 9/27/13
Notification while doing background downloads, clicking will show you the download list
Put songs in the root directory in a new folder called Root at the bottom of the list
Speedup of saving/loading current playing list (mostly matters for those using large playlists)
Cache most common folder listings for better experience while network is intermittent
Speedup of offline playlist loading
Fix app reloading data/losing position on orientation change
Fix Show Album from now playing list
Fix using shuffle in offline mode sometimes using online songs
Various optimizations and bug fixes

DSub 4.1.4: 8/25/13
Fix for freezes on 4.3
Fix for starred songs/albums not being clickable

DSub 4.1.3: 8/21/13
Updated icon (thanks William Kray)
Moved from ActionBarSherlock to Google's new equivalent library
Fix podcasts not showing up if server < 4.8
Add option to download all podcasts at once (useful for when first adding a new podcast)
Put back notification for position changing
Added AlbumArtist, Genre, Track metadata (Android 4.3+)
Added position updating for AVRCP 1.3 (Android 4.3+)
Jukebox volume looks nicer
Jukebox stays active the next time you start DSub
More optimizations and bug fixes

DSub 4.1.2: 7/24/13
Added option to clear cache from settings
Added cloud settings backup so when you reinstall on the same device your settings are still there
Fixed Android 4.3 crash
Performance enhancements
Now Android 2.2+

DSub 4.1.1: 7/18/13
Fix some podcasts causing errors

DSub 4.1.0: 7/17/13
Added Podcast Tab (4.5+)
Add/Delete Podcast Channels. Manage server status of Podcast Episodes (4.8+)
Double press pause on headset to skip to next song
Added HLS as a option under external video players (4.8+). Skipping doesn't seem to work for me.
Fix pressing play from widget from sometimes starting song over
Various minor UI tweaks to make things look nicer
Gapless Playback setting: if off now acts more like base Subsonic app to hopefully fix some issues

DSub 4.0.7: 7/2/13
Added offline starring to library view instead of just now playing
Remove * to show downloading, go off of whether arrow is blue or green for cached/perma cached
Go back to always showing bottom bar so downloading list is accessible
Fix offline mode matching first letters against ignore list (ie: the), instead of first word
Add prompt for removing a server
Fix some cases where list would incorrectly show up blank

DSub 4.0.6: 6/25/13
Scrobble and star songs and sync changes back when going online (has trouble when tags don't match folders)
Fix cases where operations didn't work in online mode when originally added in offline mode and vice versa
Added blank option to genre picker in the shuffle dialog
Added option to show track # in front of song (off by default)
Separate cached playlists from different servers in separate folders so they don't interfere with each other
Fix for some music files which throw errors at the end not proceeding to the next song
Fix flash preference not being obeyed for the Play External option
As songs are downloaded in background list, automatically remove them
Fix low quality album artwork in large widgets
Fix a rare case that can cause a song to be played twice
Fix for some who listen to untranscoded flac songs
Remove bottom bar if nothing is in the queue
Use .nomedia file instead of folder for more compatibility
Clean some sensitive info from the logs

DSub 4.0.5: 6/7/13
Fix album art on old Subsonic/MusicCabinet servers

DSub 4.0.4: 6/6/13
Added Genre parsing (thanks archrival)
Changed Genre to combo selection on 4.8+ servers
Added video choice similar to Subsonic (Raw is the same as MX but you can choose which player to use)
Added 4x2, 4x3, 4x4 widgets (thanks archrival)
Add option to create new playlist when adding song to playlists
Added option to overwrite existing playlist on 4.7+ servers
Fix when removing the current server
Fix edge case in new sort

DSub 4.0.3: 5/31/13
Sort by disc number if specified in tags
Show starred artists in starred list
Change folder.jpg to albumart.jpg which galleries shouldn't display
Fix Show Album
Added support for server Ignored Articles (future server version) + defaults to server's defaults
On network error return to front of the app instead of exiting all the way
Fix occasional crash when going back into app after running for a while
Various minor bugfixes

DSub 4.0.2: 5/24/13
Fix if you set chat refresh rate to 0, will just not refresh
Revert dark theme modification, use new theme called black
Option to disable chat menu, must restart app to apply

DSub 4.0.1: 5/23/13
New Chat Tab
Set auto refresh rate for the chat tab in the settings
Add as many or as few servers as you want from settings
Separate how many songs are preloaded into two settings for Wifi/Mobile
When you are playing from a infinite shuffle list, it is persistent between start ups now
Improvements to the white/black themes, see in app changelog for more details
Fix the album art on the bottom of the main tabs being stretched

DSub 4.0.0: 5/16/13
Redesigned UI: not everything everyone wanted, but a decent starting point
Converted everything to fragments
Swipe between tabs
Breadcrumb Trail
Change Log for viewing full changes in app
Endless Loading on album lists instead of pressing more
Look at what is playing from main tabs
Added Playing: Track/Total on Now Playing title
When clicking an album in search, the parent is also added to the back stack
Added total time to playlist/album headers
Fixed search menu items

DSub 3.8.7: 5/12/13
Changed Downloading/Cache to Cache/Permanent Cache to hopefully make it more obvious what they do
If persistent notification is set, start notification on first start
Fixed losing the current playing list after inactive sometimes

DSub 3.8.6: 5/5/13
Fixed crash on 2.2 and below devices
Hold media back/forward buttons to skip forward/backward in a song

DSub 3.8.5: 5/2/13
Fixed crash on older (2.3 and below) devices

DSub 3.8.4: 5/1/13
Added options for Gapless Playback. If you are on the Galaxy S3 and are having freezing/headphone switch to speakers issues please disable this
Fix 3d party DSP Managers
Update Russian Translation
Fixed various minor bugs

DSub 3.8.3: 4/4/13
Fix a issue causing freezes for some
Fix low priority of music service, causing playback to randomly stop as Android kills it
Removed microphone as a requirement to install
Fix ending a playlist not saving the position for when you renter the app later
Added russian translation (Anton Popov)

DSub 3.8.2: 3/28/13
Persistent Notification as an option (off by default)
Changed Up/Down swipe back to scrubbing by popular demand
More helpful error message if trying to do something which the server version is incompatible with
Crap ton of bug fixes

DSub 3.8.1: 3/17/13
Fixed stuttering playback. No more need to use buffer length = 0
Fixed issue with garbled songs when switching between mobile/wifi with different bitrates set for them
Don't require bluetooth to be bought in market
Think I might have fixed the issue some were having where 3d party EQ's weren't working
Fixed an intermittent crash issue some were getting
Display Artist instead of Album on lockscreen

DSub 3.8: 3/8/13
Gapless Playback...sorta. On ICS and below the gap should be significantly smaller. I was getting something like 1-2 second gap before, and now it is < 50 ms. On JB+ there is now gapless playback using Android's built in method. It doesn't seem to do a perfect job, but it is probably the best I am going to be able to do. I know other media players manage to, but I have neither the time nor the resources to do a low level implementation like they have. If anyone has any idea of how to improve my implementation without breaking out the NDK I'm all ears.
Added Drag and Drop rearranging on songs from the Library and Playlists tabs
Swipe up to play, down to pause on the Now Playing tab while viewing the album art
Scrobble when in RC mode
Fix another bluetooth issue
Fix losing playlist when closing the app
Fix a rare case where you can break downloading until you force close the app
Fix a few rare crashes

DSub 3.7.5: 2/23/13
Added Drag and Drop on Now Playing tab. Long press to start a movement. Press the arrow button to get the old context menu
Don't jump back to the top of screen when removing songs/playlist
Fixed Bluetooth play event
Optimized some operations that caused stuttering
Fix several crashes

DSub 3.7.4: 2/15/13
Only start EQ when actually being used -> stops blocking 3d part EQ apps
Master volume option in EQ to boost max volume
Make songs in offline mode display the same as in online mode
Renamed cover.jpeg to cover.jpg so Poweramp recognizes the album art
When in RC mode, don't pause when losing audio focus (ie other music apps on your phone play)
Added more details to song details dialog
Speed up songs showing in offline mode
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Re: DSub Releases: 3.8 (3/8/13)

Postby daneren2005 » Sat Mar 09, 2013 2:31 am

3.8 Released
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Re: DSub Releases: 3.8.1 (3/17/13)

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3.8.1 Released
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Re: DSub Releases: 3.8.2 (3/28/13)

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3.8.2 released
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Re: DSub Releases: 3.8.3 (4/4/13)

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3.8.3 Released
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Re: DSub Releases: 3.8.4 (5/1/13)

Postby daneren2005 » Thu May 02, 2013 3:18 am

3.8.4 Released
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Re: DSub Releases: 3.8.5 (5/2/13)

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3.8.5 released
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Re: DSub Releases: 3.8.6 (5/5/13)

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3.8.6 Released
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Re: DSub Releases: 3.8.7 (5/12/13)

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3.8.7 Released
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Re: DSub Releases: 3.8.7 (5/12/13)

Postby daneren2005 » Fri May 17, 2013 3:18 am

4.0.0 Released
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Re: DSub Releases: 4.0.0 (5/16/13)

Postby daneren2005 » Fri May 24, 2013 4:36 am

4.0.1 Released
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Re: DSub Releases: 4.0.1 (5/23/13)

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4.0.2 Released
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Re: DSub Releases: 4.0.3 (5/31/13)

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4.0.3 Released
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Re: DSub Releases: 4.0.3 (5/31/13)

Postby daneren2005 » Fri Jun 07, 2013 1:09 am

4.0.4 Released
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Re: DSub Releases: 4.0.4 (6/6/13)

Postby daneren2005 » Sat Jun 08, 2013 12:33 am

4.0.5 Released
Developer of DSub for Android
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