Music disappears, database intact after rescan

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Music disappears, database intact after rescan

Postby cortellequeso » Thu Feb 01, 2018 5:44 pm

Hey folks-

The last 2-3 days, I'll start up my PC (linux), fire up Chrome, and when Subsonic (successfully) loads 'localhost:4040' the 'frame' of Subsonic is in the browser, but the folder view area is empty.

Navigating to Subsonic settings, all of the media folders are listed, and there is no indication they can't be found. (the drives are mounted and accessible otherwise).

In Settings, when I click on 'Scan Library Now', it will start to scan, and a few hours later, I'll have all my music back, including the 6 main folders, Playlists, and starred Songs are all still there. Clicking on the Recently Added link correctly shows the items and their Add dates to my library as well.

I have over 200k songs, but I have run Subsonic for a few years now, and nothing changed on my PC in the last week.

Any thoughts why the music isn't loading automatically? Esp if the database is still there and can be manually scanned.....??

Thanks for any help/ideas.

(I'll add, once it's been rescanned and the PC remains on, everything, including remote access, works just fine)
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