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Timeout issues

Postby graasmund » Sat Feb 17, 2018 1:22 pm


I've been using Subsonic for years, but keep having two very annoying timeout issues:

1. My server is used only by me, so I have configured it to spin down its harddrives when not in use. When starting to play something through the Subsonic web player, Subsonic seems to time out on reading files while the disks on the server is spinning up again. My problem is that when this happens, the web player gets a zero-size file which it refuses to play (naturally) - but furthermore, it refuses to re-download it. I need to manually find the file in the browser cache and delete it before playback is possible. I would love to have the opportunity to adjust the timeout, or, failing that, to retry downloading a file. Keeping my disk drives spinning 24-7 is not an option.

2. If the default web player has been paused for a few hours, when resuming play the player suddenly stops. It seems it has downloaded a partial file when playing, and is unable to continue downloading it after a certain time. This happens when using FLAC-files and - desperately - trying to avoind transcoding it to a lossy format on the fly. It also seems to be unrelated to the issue with disk-spindown above.

Any tips on how to proceed would be greatly appreciated!
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