rebuild user DB subsonic.script issue

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rebuild user DB subsonic.script issue

Postby lbvagrant » Wed Apr 11, 2018 3:19 am

ok for some reason the system iv been running for years has died and no matter how i try to install repair it gives errors when i put in old subsonic.script file.that has all the user data.
in other words i can reinstall with a clean data file but when i try to copy over old working system it fails if the script file is copied...
seems the entire system still works as a clean install if i leave that file out...but thats where the important settings are saved i guess, including the paid for registration setting

i wouldn't care and just remake the users but there's a couple hundred i think.

i see the users in the script file but if i try to cut and paste the user info into the many different spots it seems to give different errors...
was wondering if anyone else had dealt with anything like this or knows how to work the script file as to not cause errors...
thnx in advance for any help...alot of people are waiting to listen and i got no answer for them.

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ok i started with a fresh install and copied everything but the subsonic.script file
then i open the new and old script files in notepad and had to find all the user entries in the old file and copied them to the new file...
for some reason i had issues at the transcoding section "gave errors while trying to open the website" so i skipped it with no issues
the setting like the custom text for login and home screen and the theme settings dont seem to be in these data files so i had to redo those.
i also had to copy the bookmarks and starred and many other groups of data...

but its working so far, im doing a scan of media files now to rebuild the index so it seems iv lost most played and recent and whatnot as well...

i wanted to update this post in case anyone else ran across this issue and needed to rebuild the user database.

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