Unable to refresh playlists

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Unable to refresh playlists

Postby guptaas » Sun Apr 22, 2018 4:31 pm

I am a long term Subsonic user. Was using Subsonic 4.1 > transcoding to OGG > iSub on my phone very well all along. Decided to try Version 6.1.3 and AVSub on the phone. Running into difficulties accessing my music the way I used to.

Subsonic does not seem to update dynamic playlists generated elsewhere. I use Mediamonkey to generate and export a set of playlists every 6 hours. I wish to access the updated playlists on my phone through AVSub. Subsonic imported the m3u's the first time but never updated them. Would appreciate any help in a solution to either refresh m3u's from the playlist folder or auto generate new playlists from my tags including rating, mood, occasion, tempo, year, genre etc.
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