Use internal IP for Sonos?

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Use internal IP for Sonos?

Postby avatiach » Sat Jan 05, 2019 4:26 am


I am trying to configure my Subsonic installation with my Sonos speakers. When I enable the Sonos service in Subsonic, I see in the log that it registers it with Subsonic URL= my external IP. However, my computer is behind a VPN, therefore it actually has a different external IP. Is it possible to configure Subsonic to register the Sonos service with the computer's internal network IP instead?

To add a few more details in case they're helpful:
* The Subsonic server does have a port forwarded on the VPN server, so regular external apps can connect via the standard URL. However, it's not accessible via the original external IP, which is the one it broadcasts to Sonos.

* I also tried configuring a manual Sonos service based on the instructions at and using the internal IP for the Subsonic server, but that didn't work either (I had 2 subsonic entries on the Sonos services list after doing so, one from the auto-configuration of the subsonic server, and one from my manual setup

Thanks in advance!
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