Audiobook bookmark playback on Sonos?

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Audiobook bookmark playback on Sonos?

Postby chrisl » Mon Jan 21, 2019 7:55 pm


today I tried out playing back an audiobook using subsonic. With DSub there is correctly a bookmark created/updated everytime I stop the playback. How do I now start the playback from the bookmark location using Sonos? I can't find any option inside the Sonos Subsonic menu for that. Hope someone can give me a hint, the forum search was not successful.


Update: after some testing it looks like the bookmark functionality for Sonos is not working at all. Podcasts also do not create any bookmarks when played back via Sonos for me. The Bookmark tab inside Subsonic explicitly says "Bookmarks are automatically created when playing podcasts, audio books and videos, and lets you resume playback from the last known position. Works across web players, SONOS, Chromecast and apps that support it.". Is something wrong at my side, am I doing something wrong or is this functionality missing/broken?
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