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FLAC Freezing

PostPosted: Wed Apr 24, 2019 7:40 pm
by jcoltonj32001
Hey all! I've been having an issue with some of my FLAC tracks, where playback freezes. Skipping ahead 10 or so seconds fixes the problem, however it's incredibly annoying and frustrating to have to start playback again when I'm in the middle of something else. Playback freezes at the exact same spot on the exact same tracks over and over, with no error message or any indication of issue. I should also note this is not transcoded at all, FLAC is played directly. Am I missing something simple like increasing available memory or something? Thank you a million in advance for any help!

Tried Firefox, Google Chrome
Version: 6.1.5 (build 759abe) – December 1, 2018
Server: jetty-6.1.x, java 1.8.0_152, HSQLDB, Windows Server 2016 (55.1 MB / 94.0 MB)
Latest Log entries:
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[4/24/19 11:25:49 AM PDT]    INFO   HsqlDaoHelper   Checking database schema.
[4/24/19 11:25:56 AM PDT]    INFO   HsqlDaoHelper   Done checking database schema.
[4/24/19 11:25:57 AM PDT]    INFO   SettingsService   Java: 1.8.0_152, OS: Windows Server 2016
[4/24/19 11:25:57 AM PDT]    INFO   VersionService   Resolved local Subsonic version to: 6.1.5
[4/24/19 11:25:58 AM PDT]    INFO   MediaScannerService   Automatic media library scanning scheduled to run every 1 day(s), starting at Thu Apr 25 01:00:00 PDT 2019
[4/24/19 11:25:58 AM PDT]    INFO   UPnPService   Starting UPnP service...
[4/24/19 11:25:58 AM PDT]    INFO   PodcastService   Automatic Podcast update scheduled to run every 24 hour(s), starting at Wed Apr 24 11:30:58 PDT 2019
[4/24/19 11:25:59 AM PDT]    INFO   UPnPService   Enabling UPnP/DLNA media server
[4/24/19 11:25:59 AM PDT]    INFO   UPnPService   Starting UPnP service - Done!
[4/24/19 11:26:06 AM PDT]    INFO   BootstrapVerificationFilter   Servlet container: jetty-6.1.x
[4/24/19 11:26:07 AM PDT]    INFO   SonosService   No Sonos controller found
[4/24/19 11:28:16 AM PDT]    INFO   NetworkService   Deleted port mapping for port 4040
[4/24/19 11:30:24 AM PDT]    INFO   NetworkService   Deleted port mapping for port 4041
[4/24/19 11:30:58 AM PDT]    INFO   PodcastService   Starting scheduled Podcast refresh.
[4/24/19 11:30:58 AM PDT]    INFO   PodcastService   Completed scheduled Podcast refresh.
[4/24/19 12:26:40 PM PDT]    INFO   PlayerDao   Created player 57.
[4/24/19 12:26:41 PM PDT]    INFO   VersionService   Resolved latest Subsonic final version to: 6.1.5
[4/24/19 12:26:41 PM PDT]    INFO   VersionService   Resolved latest Subsonic beta version to: 6.1.beta2

Edit: I would be happy to provide any additional info that I missed, as well as make available the exact .FLAC files I am using with the times they froze. Wrote down a few yesterday so I had some examples.

Re: FLAC Freezing

PostPosted: Thu May 09, 2019 9:24 pm
by jcoltonj32001
Housekeeping?? :lol:

Re: FLAC Freezing

PostPosted: Fri May 24, 2019 5:18 pm
by jcoltonj32001
Is there a better alternative to Subsonic out there? I've casually looked into a few, but it's to the point now where Subsonic is almost unusable with my FLAC library. Unfortunately paid for a lifetime premium sub, so I was trying to make this work. Sad.

Re: FLAC (and MP3) Freezing

PostPosted: Wed Oct 23, 2019 4:02 pm
by glenstewart
I am seeing the same symptoms with random MP3 files. I use Opera (chromium based browser). I was curious if the problem was just with this kind of browser, so tried Firefox and the same songs worked fine. Then I tried Chrome and the problem was back, in exactly the same spot.

So try Firefox or some other non-chromium-based browser.

Re: FLAC Freezing

PostPosted: Tue Feb 11, 2020 6:58 pm
by jcoltonj32001
I mentioned in my og post I had tried Firefox. Thanks though. I gave up on subsonic a long time ago.

Re: FLAC Freezing

PostPosted: Wed Feb 19, 2020 1:04 pm
by Tak-MK
It happens to me and my friends when using firefox. On chrome it works.