Moving Subsonic to a new Windows Computer

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Moving Subsonic to a new Windows Computer

Postby pemholder » Sun Jan 12, 2020 9:28 am

I am setting up a new Windows -Computer and would like to move my subsonic-standalone-installation.
On the new computer I want to do a clean Windows-installation and therefore cannot just make an image of the drive.

Also I want to avoid a new subsonic-installation because I'd like to keep the already existing artist-images.
The new artist-image source is far less fertile, and I learned that my already existing artist-images from still work together with the new source for new artists, if I keep my installation.

How to do this the best way?
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Re: Moving Subsonic to a new Windows Computer

Postby d0tm4tr1x » Fri Jan 17, 2020 8:49 pm

On Windows it's inevitable to do a new subsonic installation. Windows writes stuff in the registry, you'll miss those when you just copy the Subsonic files.
OK, I'm a Linux guy, so I could be wrong.
What I would do:
I wouldn't MOVE the files
Install a trial of Beyond Compare, just great for this kind of work, onto the old computer
Copy all subsonic files and folders to an external hard-drive with Beyond Compare, keep the structure!
Export your playlists (if you have them)
Install a trial of Beyond Compare (I know shameless advertising), onto the new computer
Install Subsonic on the new computer
Start Beyond Compare
Now do a folder compare from external hard-drive and the new computer. You'll see the differences.
Now you can selective modify configuration files, so the new configuration files matches the old ones.
Copy the 'missing' files to the new computer (also with Beyond Compare)
Import your playlist
This could work. If it doesn't?
Cry and start over, try something else.
But you still have your old working computer, nothing is lost!

Good luck!
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