Subsonic Still drops data

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Subsonic Still drops data

Postby Optaunix » Sat Mar 07, 2020 9:32 pm

So I had been using the next-to-latest release up until recently without any issues. Thought maybe the dropped information issue had gone away, but it appears that it has not. Every single starred album or song on my logins is missing suddenly, and all of my created playlists are gone as well. I upgraded to the latest stable release as of today, no change.

This is really irritating to save and bookmark songs and create playlists if this software cannot keep track of those changes. I made absolutely no changes to the system running Subsonic (it's on a VM) prior to this happening, so I know now with 100% certainty that after a certain point in time, Subsonic just decides to give up on everything I've saved. I'm so tired of repeatedly doing this and coming here to post about it only to hear crickets. Stay away from Subsonic I suppose. I'll try other software from here on out.
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Re: Subsonic Still drops data

Postby 3Dscrewer » Mon Mar 09, 2020 10:47 am

Since we can't read your mind and you don't give needed informations, you still get no help. So what?
It is starting with "it's running in a VM ... what VM? Linux, Windows, Mac or other. If Linux VM on Windows what are you using Hyper-V or one of the tons of other Player? Where are your data stored, at windows drives or virtual HD or do you have an own Harddrive using Hyper-V for Linux VM?
And there a lots of more information missing, no LOG File and so on, and so on, so don't troll around.
I'm running Subsonic with 260.000 Tracks and a lots of Videos @W10Pro and Airsonic in an Hyper-V Ubuntu 18.04 LTS with NextCloud, Apache2, Mariadb, a couple of virtual hosts and more. If you think airsonic is easier for you, good luck and have fun

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