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Postby Its_Ice » Fri Mar 20, 2020 2:55 am

I've been trying to finalize this set up for a bit now, but my server access when I'm not on my own wifi network is on and off. I was thinking I messed something up with the port forwarding but it has worked a couple of times and I've been able to stream via 4G.

Is there a better app to use with subsonic? maybe its an iSub problem?

I'm just streaming music, no videos.

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Re: iSub Help

Postby 3Dscrewer » Fri Mar 20, 2020 11:25 am

I guess you are using iOS for Apple Devices, because you didn't say what OS you are using and what for Device
Have a look here how to ask for help viewtopic.php?f=2&t=5506

I have deleted iSub for a while because it has some serious bugs because there was no update for more than two years. The last fixes are for iOS 8 and 9, we are at 13 and 14 is coming (imho) soon.

Substreamer is free, but has also bugs, sometimes crashing, playing MP3 well and direct, ALAC lossless don't start playing you have first to press Pause and than play again.

I suggest play:SUB. Michael is very friendly if you need help, very active removing bugs and adding new features to the app.
Of course it's not for free but 5,49.-€ is a good deal. I'm running also Airsonic and it works for both Server very good, a few small cosmetic bugs for now, but over all the best ... d955329386

AVsub is also a good iOS App, but it has very Basic Music Functions (my opinion), creating and adding Tracks to playlists is a bit tricky. As far as i can see, it is limited to two servers Michaels not, actual I have my two servers and two from friends.
It seems to me that AVsub is more for Videos BUT if you have a video organized that is good for Kodi, it is not good for AVsub. The settings with long scrolling titles are not easy to unnderstand (for me)
Only music is 4,49.-€ but for every feature you have to pay again, if you need it only.

Remember, even if you have to buy both apps, if you don't like it, you can give it back and you get your money from Apple Store. It's a bit tricky but have a look at the web for further inormation.
I have more than 260.000 Titles round about 50% ALAC lossless and using both Apps at a 512GB XS Max.
I'm using also Android and have to say both App are miles away from the Android Apps (available in Germany)
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