All gone and I need help!!

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All gone and I need help!!

Postby predbites » Tue Oct 27, 2020 9:06 pm

This could be really difficult to solve but here goes...

So, I have been using Subsonic for around a year or two and I have the premium version and have been very happy.
I got myself a new hard drive and completely re-installed windows, storing all my music on an external but completely forgetting about Subsonic and now I can't remember anything!!!

My phone app is still logged in, although it obviously can't actually connect, so I can see the server address but I can't remember how to log in, what the username or password was and how to register as premium, I think I was emailed a file???

I have downloaded the installer from the site and installed, logged in as admin and changed the password, can someone please help me!!
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