no cast button. Any known solution?

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no cast button. Any known solution?

Postby hmathieu » Tue Nov 24, 2020 7:46 pm

I don't get a cast button on Web. I have 5 Google Home and the whole point of installing subsonic (premium) was kind of to use them so as to replace the now dead Google Play Music which used to have all my tracks.

I don't get it on Chromebooks, on windows, on mobile (Android, Firefox or Chrome).

Here is example on Chrome, Chromebook.
Screenshot :

I can cast the tab, but it kind of defeats the purpouse of casting and then closing the computer and moving on to something else.

(Side issue :) > DLNA share also doesnt' get seen by my other devices, although my router settings are fine, subsonic settings are fine and my windows DLNA gets seen by my VLC on Android (and so does my Fritz Modem/Router).

Any idea appreciated.
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