Subsonic on Android TV

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Subsonic on Android TV

Postby hdservices » Tue Jan 12, 2021 8:24 am


I try to make Subsonic work on my Sony TV which is Android based. (Android TV)
First of all, I saw at other people's home that Subsonic shows up as a media device in for example the source list of a TV.
That works OK.

But at my Android TV it does not show up anywhere, not in the screen where I can see the Apps. Not in source list, not anywhere.
I also tried in Play Store to download some UPNP apps, with no luck.

First of all, I want to make sure, Subsonic is working correctly as DLNA server (I have premium so it's enabled)
I thought normally with Widnows media Player on my PC i could see Subsonic also automatically or not? Also not in VLC.

First I want to make sure that Subsonic works on other device correctly for DLNA streaming and if that's ok, I can check why it doesn't show up on my TV. (Or I hope any of you have any advice on it)

My goal: Share my pictures folder through Subsonic so I can look my photo's on the TV.

Regards Marco
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Re: Subsonic on Android TV

Postby acroyear » Wed Jan 13, 2021 4:22 pm

Android TV apps have to be specially approved by google to show up on AndroidTV's in both the play store and from your purchased apps collection. TV Apps have to follow TV guidelines in terms of 10-foot rule of readability, being used by the simple remote control, etc, before they'll get approved.

I built SubFire as an app for Fire Stick/TV, but I never went through the process of porting it to Android TV nor submitting it there. I kinda lost the urge when a Google Android upgrade totally bricked my Nexus box. Not having a device kinda gets in the way of developing for it. :?

My subsonic servers do work DNLA into my Samsung TV, though it is slow to download all the information to the DNLA client in the TV, depending on how large your collection is, but it did get there. One free DNLA application you can use to test your connectivity (on almost any PC - windows, mac, linux) is VLC.

Subsonic does not relay any data, either to apps or to DNLA, aside from the music info. It isn't a generic web server that can display photos as well other than the cover art. I don't know if while using the DNLA client on the TV, you can also browse photos from another data source. It may not be possible.
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