Multi-CD-Packages/Boxsets and subfolders

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Multi-CD-Packages/Boxsets and subfolders

Postby pemholder » Wed Apr 21, 2021 5:06 pm

Subsonic evaluates the folder structure and works best with an Artist \ Album \ structure below a music folder.

But some music media require an additional intermediate layer:
\ Artist \ Album \ Disc \
This involves multi-CDs and box sets, which in many cases contain far too many tracks to be displayed as 1 album.
Therefore I use another intermediate level for discs as soon as an album consists of more than 2 CDs.

Unfortunately, Subsonic cannot cope with this intermediate level:
- When browsing for artists, such albums are not displayed at all.
- During the search, only those covers are displayed that contain music files or for which a music suffix has been defined in the settings.

To display such an album you have to use a workaround by placing a file in the albums folder whose suffix is ​​defined as music suffix in the settings.
Unfortunately, this leads to the unattractive side effect that this file is then displayed as a playable song.

I haven't found another workaround so far.
Does anyone know one that I haven't thought of yet?
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