Some albums are located in the "various" or "various folder"

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Some albums are located in the "various" or "various folder"

Postby somercamb » Thu May 06, 2021 2:13 pm

Some of my artist albums are located in the "various" or "various artists" folders. For some reason, the 'album artist' was tagged as "various" or "various artists" but I used MP3tag to make 'album artist' as blank (I never use that field and majority of other artists are fine). I was using the latest Subsonic build, used 'Clean-up database', unplugged hard drive where music is stored and plugged back in and even reverted to 6.1.5 (build 759abe), but nothing fixes it. Subsonic sees my old music immediately whereas normally, subsonic artists are empty as it is re-scanning the music.

Additionally, Subsonic shows the wrong cover art even though I changed that via MP3tag as well. for example, The Cure's Wish cover is the Feargal Sharkey's Wish album, even though I corrected it in MP3Tag and the Cure wish album is located under the cure folder on my drive and the cover art for the Cure wish album is correct in my drive.

any ideas?

thank you
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Re: Some albums are located in the "various" or "various fol

Postby pemholder » Sat May 08, 2021 5:29 am

somercamb wrote:but I used MP3tag to make 'album artist' as blank

For albumartist the ID3v2Tag "TPE2" is used which can have different names in various tag- or player-software.
In MP3Tag TPE2 is called "ALBUMARTIST" and not "ALBUM ARTIST".
So if you made "ALBUM ARTIST" in MP3Tag blank (which there would be a user-defined tag) there might still be ALBUMARTIST-tags.

Load your files in MP3Tag and filter for files with albumartist.
F3 to show the filter:
albumartist PRESENT

You can also mark your files and open them in the extended tag-view (ALT-t), where all tag-fields are shows that are present in the collection.

BTW: Why do youI want to be ALBUMARTIST blank? On many player it is essential to have an albumartist-tag to keep an album together.
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