No Music shown after system update

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No Music shown after system update

Postby cba » Sun Feb 13, 2022 10:49 pm

Hello, I've been running across the internet and am out of ideas.

I recently upgraded my Linux Server to the latest Ubuntu LTS Release (20.04.3).
Since then, I am running into several issues:
-> I first was able to solve the 503 problem by switching over the java 8
-> I then needed to chown several directories to www-data (which runs my subsonic instance)
-> Also I needed to add the name of machine to /etc/hosts (again) for localhost
-> Now I can log in to subsonic, I see the playlists, but linkage to the music files seems to be lost. The music Library is completely empty.
-> All music is there, I chowned the directory (using -R) /home/username/Music to www-data. I checked that at least some files are r, all directories are rx in terms of rights. So www-data should be able to search these files.
-> I also tried to stop subsonic / move db directory / create blank db directory / copy old subsonic.script there start subsonic -> Scan.
/var/subsonic/subsonic.log shows:
Code: Select all
[2022-02-13 13:40:00,659] INFO PlaylistService - Starting playlist import.
[2022-02-13 13:40:00,659] INFO PlaylistService - Completed playlist import.
[2022-02-13 13:47:33,639] INFO MediaScannerService - Starting to scan media library.
[2022-02-13 13:47:33,677] INFO MediaScannerService - Scanned media library with 1 entries.
[2022-02-13 13:47:33,677] INFO MediaScannerService - Marking non-present files.
[2022-02-13 13:47:33,680] INFO MediaScannerService - Marking non-present artists.
[2022-02-13 13:47:33,682] INFO MediaScannerService - Marking non-present albums.
[2022-02-13 13:47:33,686] INFO MediaScannerService - Completed media library scan.
[2022-02-13 13:47:33,889] INFO PlaylistService - Starting playlist import.
[2022-02-13 13:47:33,889] INFO PlaylistService - Completed playlist import.

No new files are added in /db - no music shown in subsonic

Is there anything, I could check? I am running out of ideas.

Option 1: Do you have any suggestions for further checks?
Options 2: I would be open to start from scratch on a clean install, but would like to keep my playlists - but am not sure how to backup/ save these.

Thanks for any pointers!
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Re: No Music shown after system update

Postby bupkis » Sun Feb 20, 2022 10:30 am

I've got the same problem, FWIW but on Ubuntu 18.04.6.

I have no solution though. I suspect that this abandonware has finally been borked.
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Re: No Music shown after system update

Postby G8DHE » Sun Feb 20, 2022 12:26 pm

No real idea, but did it include a Java update ? Many have found that it needs an older version installed to continue to work, it seems you can have both installed if the posts relating to Java problems are correct!
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