Subsonic seems unresponsive to HTTPS requests on Port 4443

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Subsonic seems unresponsive to HTTPS requests on Port 4443

Postby CaptainRadio5 » Mon Jul 11, 2022 12:10 am

Problem Description: When I use a remote browser to try to open my Subsonic instance on an Ubuntu 20.04 VM Server with Subsonic installed, the app refuses to enter secure mode

Troubleshooting Steps: Before I created my VM instance, I created a Security Rule to allow Ingress through Ports 4040 and 4443. After I created my instance, I modified my /etc/default/subsonic file to specify the "https-port" parameter. I also then associated the new Security Rule with my instance, soft-rebooted the Linux VM instance, re-started Subsonic, and verified that Subsonic was both Active and Running. I also checked the status of both Ports 4040 and 4443 -- Linux showed them both belonging to Subsonic and both were "LISTENING".

Here is the modified line in my /etc/default/subsonic default configuration file:

SUBSONIC_ARGS="--max-memory=150 --https-port=4443

Subsonic Version: 6.1.6 (build 0cfa60) – November 10, 2019

Server Version: jetty-6.1.x, java 1.8.0_312, HSQLDB, Linux (55.5 MB / 145.0 MB)

Hardware Platform: Linux Ubuntu 20.04 imaged virtual machine,2 gig RAM, at least 60 gig of virtual storage -- unsure about the physical host

Java Memory Limit: Unsure on my Linux VM

Problem Filename: /etc/default/subsonic (contains the problem parameter)

Output from ffmpeg -i: "Command 'ffmpeg' not found" (Linux)

Last ten log file lines:
Code: Select all
[7/10/22 1:42:06 PM UTC]   ERROR   DaoHelperFactory    Unsupported JDBC url:user=root&MariaDB*1&characterEncoding=UTF-8. Reverting to HSQL. Check system property 'subsonic.db'.
[7/10/22 1:42:06 PM UTC]   INFO   HsqlDaoHelper   Checking database schema.
[7/10/22 1:42:08 PM UTC]   INFO   HsqlDaoHelper   Done checking database schema.
[7/10/22 1:42:09 PM UTC]   INFO   SettingsService   Java: 1.8.0_312, OS: Linux
[7/10/22 1:42:09 PM UTC]   INFO   PlayerDao   Deleted 2 player(s) that haven't been used after Wed May 11 13:42:09 UTC 2022
[7/10/22 1:42:09 PM UTC]   INFO   MediaScannerService   Automatic media library scanning scheduled to run every 1 day(s), starting at Mon Jul 11 03:00:00 UTC 2022
[7/10/22 1:42:09 PM UTC]   INFO   UPnPService   Starting UPnP service...
[7/10/22 1:42:10 PM UTC]   INFO   PodcastService   Automatic Podcast update scheduled to run every 24 hour(s), starting at Sun Jul 10 13:47:10 UTC 2022
[7/10/22 1:42:10 PM UTC]   INFO   UPnPService   Disabling UPnP/DLNA media server
[7/10/22 1:42:10 PM UTC]   INFO   UPnPService   Starting UPnP service - Done!
[7/10/22 1:42:19 PM UTC]   WARN   NetworkService   No UPnP router found.
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Re: Subsonic seems unresponsive to HTTPS requests on Port 44

Postby d0tm4tr1x » Sat Sep 17, 2022 7:28 pm

I've entered:
SUBSONIC_ARGS="--port=4040 --https-port=4443 --max-memory=1000"
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