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Subsonic & Sonos

Postby charlie14 » Mon Mar 13, 2023 7:42 am

Unfortunately, Sonos no longer supports Subsonic. Is there still a way to listen to music with Sonos via Subsonic?
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Re: Subsonic & Sonos

Postby sonosLover » Sat Oct 14, 2023 12:41 am

The SONOS API changed.

SONOS removed the "Endpoint URL" form field from the screen that you use to add the custom music service:


Now, as of SONOS version:

Version: 15.8
Build: 75145120
Sonos OS: S2

The only option is "Secure Endpoint URL".


So, any other service that used the "Endpoint URL" in their code will not work until a code change is made. Example, Airsonic.

Sadly, Sindre has abandoned pretty anyone who paid for the lifetime license. It sucks because I was using Subsonic since 2015 and I am the genesis for Subsonic SONOS integration. I contacted Sindre back in January 2015 asking if he could look into the SONOS API. I then spent time working with him testing his new software on my SONOS system. By March 2015, there was a final version of Subsonic that supported SONOS. I still have the emails as I've tried contacting Sindre numerous times. It's disappointing that he has not open sourced this project for others to carry on.
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