Trouble Registering on the Forum? Here's help!

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Trouble Registering on the Forum? Here's help!

Postby alphawave7 » Sun Sep 11, 2011 5:58 pm

We have countermeasures in place to stop spam, which hopefully will not impede your ability to register promptly. But if you do have any registration issues, please email my username at and I'll get you sorted in no time! 8) Thanks!

Edit: Lately, some users have experienced a sudden ban when posting. About a year ago, spam checks were added to posting (in addition to registration), owing to the 'lay in wait' spammers that used clean credentials to register, then wait some days to launch their spam attack. This tactic was foiled when posting checks were enabled. However, what appears to be happening is the banned IP's are now dissolved into the cache of temporary IP's ISP's hand out to regular users when you connect, and if you are unlucky to get a banned IP address, the spam checker will catch and ban. You will need 3 'clean' credentials: username, email address, and IP, to both register and post...check your credentials here:
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