Playlist manipulation, buttons above the list?

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Playlist manipulation, buttons above the list?

Postby CZero » Thu May 26, 2016 7:26 am

My typical use of Subsonic is playlists. So, this is my normal routine:

  • Decide what playlist I feel like.
  • Click play on the desired list.
  • Scroll down in the playing list, while listening to the title track (first in the list). (On a pc I can mostly click somewhere in the list and press ctrl+end, but when using a tablet or something, those keyboard combo's are quite a bit harder)
  • Click shuffle
  • Try to find which one is playing now by scrolling so I know which will be next.

Since I've got quite a few playlists, one even numbering 1500 songs (my alltime favorites ever), this can be a bit cumbersome. Mostly I skip the last step, in smaller playlists I often try.

Would it be possible to either cut the controls from the playlist, or put them on top also?
Would it be possible to add a shuffle and play button?
Would it be possible to add a next and previous song display? Or a button which brings me to the playing song in the playlist (last would be nicest!)
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Re: Playlist manipulation, buttons above the list?

Postby hybrid512 » Tue Sep 06, 2016 9:06 am


Would be great to have a "shuffle button" directly in the control panel next to the play/pause button

Would be great also to have a "play random" added to the "play all" in the playlist menu so that you don't have to :
    first, play the playlist
    second, search for the suffle menu far at the bottom of the list in order to shuffle the playlist
    third, get back to the top of the list to change tu currently playing song

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