When a song completes playing, log it to a playlist file

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When a song completes playing, log it to a playlist file

Postby gustebeast » Sun Aug 21, 2016 6:25 pm

Once enabled, this setting should cause subsonic to log everything you play to a playlist file. This addition is both extremely simple and useful. Here is what I would do with it:

1. Enable the setting
2. Set up a crontab job to move the playlist file and rename it to %day/%month/%year every day at midnight. (subsonic would create a new playlist file when the next song finishes since the old one was moved)

Now I can queue up music and play it as I normally do, but over time I'll develop a directory of log files for every day I've played music. Next time christmas rolls around, if I'm busy and can't do the work queuing up music for the day, I can just import the playlist from last year. It is both useful for reducing repeated work, and for getting a peak into the past to see what you liked listening to a year ago.

An added setting and a simple file write whenever the 'song complete' event is fired should be all this feature takes.
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