Remove Duplicates from playlists

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Remove Duplicates from playlists

Postby kulps » Mon Apr 24, 2017 4:42 pm

I searched the forums but didn't see this previously requested.
It would be a nice feature to be able to remove duplicates from a playlist. The current behavior seems to be to loop the songs between the duplicate entries, which might actually be useful for some people if they wanted a looped playlist, however if that's not your goal, it can be problematic.

My use case is that I'll start a radio session from an artist, this adds a mix of songs but they're effectively random (though derived from the related artists) If you wanted to then extend the playlist by adding a particular album, you might inadvertently add a duplicate song creating the loop mentioned above.

In some cases you might want to weight a playlist with an album or track by including it multiple times.

There's a few ways I can think of to solve this:
- Change the play method on duplicates not to loop, it might then be required to include a "loop playlist" toggle
- Have a button that removes duplicates
- Never allow duplicates to be added to a playlist.

It's certainly not a deal breaker, but it might be nice.
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Re: Remove Duplicates from playlists

Postby acroyear » Mon Apr 24, 2017 8:13 pm

I'm writing a playlist editor (which also will have the ability to star and rate (1-5) files independently (the main UI only allows folders and applies them to songs inside). Yes, filtering dups is one of the features I plan to add.

Hopefully to be finished by the end of May.
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